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Back to School means time to organize! And how can I not post about this when there are such great linkys!

Disclaimer: I am NOT an organized person. I have to work really really hard to function with minimal organizational skills. I think that is why I teach executive functioning skills so well - I don't have any! Seems counterintuitive, but it's the truth. When you struggle every day just to function with day-to-day management, you really appreciate the skills you are lacking. I never want my students to feel that they don't have the skills, or were never taught to compensate for their lack of organizational skills. Thus, my own, crude organization system was born! Though I'm not organized, I've become really good at pretending :)

So here are some of my "organization" and classroom management tips I've developed, stole implemented, and enhanced to fit my classroom, and executive functioning needs :)

To help with the transitions to different academics, whether it be independent work, small groups, or whole group lessons, I implemented this system. I thought I made it up...turns out about 468 other bloggers thought the same thing. Oh well - it works :)

One thing that is so important for classroom organization, is having visuals for your transitions and all necessary checklists for kids (and staff). If you know anything about me - you know I love me a good visual! Here are some of the visuals I use in the classroom:

For more information about these visuals, see my previous post about classroom routines.

In the same post, I also posted about my materials cards. Well, as promised, I also updated these bad boys, and posted them on my TpT store.

my old material cards
my new ones! 
This is one of the 8 pages available in the packet

Another way to ensure your class runs smoothly during instructional time (and every other time) is by implementing a behavior management system from the start. I have JUST added this to my store, and am so excited to implement this system this year :)

Click any of the above images to check my Behavior Management Starter Pack.

For my own organization, I love using the following programs:

1. Dropbox: This program is great! It's easy, accessible, and FREE!
2. Google Docs: Read above :)
3. LiveBinder: Read above :)
4. Pinterest: Seriously - this is such a great site to help organize my ideas. I just click a button and the post, image, or product is saved in my own little file folder of ideas (well...pinboard I guess...)

Nothing too fancy. I do what I can and function (somehow). It's an on going process... as I learn more and more about what helps to keep me organized, I will be sure to update all of you ;)

For another post about ways I keep organized and manage my classroom, check out Sparkles, Smiles, and Successful Students for First Year Friday Feature where I do a guest post on the topic (from way back in April).

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