Activities for Your Kiddos During Thanksgiving Week!

Even though it may be a short week for you, doesn't mean it makes the work any easier! Need some inspiration for things to do with your kiddos to get you through the week? Check out some resources below!

Thankful Turkeys Craftivity

This quick, fun, and adorable little craft is perfect for that chaotic week before Thanksgiving!

Students will assemble a turkey using "thankful feathers" in which they write or draw up to 5 things they are thankful for. Different feathers are provided for differentiation. 

Super cute, quick, and fun craftivity!

Don't Be a Turkey Math Center

This math center activity is a blast for students! While it is intended to be used in a center, this would be the perfect activity to have students do during some downtown in those few days before Thanksgiving!

Students match the turkey body (without feathers), to the five corresponding feathers, matching the numeral on the body to different ways to create the number on each feather.
Each matching set creates a completed turkey. After all turkeys are completed, students will record their answers on the recording sheet. 

Fidget Break Cards


This time of year is hard! If your kiddos are a little fidgety, try this idea- 12 cards consisting of 12 movement break ideas, called Fidget Breaks, to help refocus your students when in need of a break. These activities are most beneficial with students with ADHD, Sensory disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other developmental and intellectual disabilities. This pack has been used in a special needs classroom for over 10 years! Learn more about fidget breaks here.

Roll & Do Math Games

These simple one page games (5 different one!) can be printed and laminated for many years of use! These can be used in math centers, as math games, for partner work, fast finishers, morning work, and more! These are perfect for this wonky time of year to keep kiddos busy! They are also Common Core aligned! (so many exclamation points!)

Draw With Me!

This packet includes almost 30 pages of guided drawing fun! Super easy to pull out during this weird week. Each page has a different "task" to complete. This packet includes some fun pages to draw and/or color, as well as many pages with an educational spin on the traditional drawing booklets. And believe it or not, the educational portions of this packet are common core aligned! Score!

For more of my products and freebies, check out my TPT page! Have an amazing holiday!

Easy Like Sunday Morning: A Very Thankful Playlist

Happy Thanksgiving week! Here is a playlist for you to play to prepare for all the Thanksgiving festivities and remind you to be thankful. Enjoy!

Easy Like Sunday Morning #26

What a perfect November morning here in New England. How about a perfect song to enhance your morning? 

Review: My New Fave Shampoo from Maple Holistics!

So you all know about my love for essential oils. My fave and the one I use the most is tea tree oil. I use it for skin issues, with cleaning supplies, and for purifying the air.  But have you ever used it in your beauty routine? I have been using tea tree oil in my shampoo for years. I also am on the look out for different tea tree treatments to treat my oily scalp. 

Well guys... I found a new one! I was contacted by Lauren at Maple Holistics to review one of their many products- the tea tree oil shampoo. Maple Holistics is a company that specializes in all-natural and cruelty-free personal care products. I was so on board with this mission, so I jumped at the chance. They sent me a bottle of their Tea Tree Shampoo to try out and I started using it immediately. 

Throwback Thursday: Safe Trick or Treating

Halloween is right around the corner! Whether you are trick or treating on Halloween night (Tuesday this year) or sometime during the weekend, take a look at these safety tips for trick or treating for the whole family.

Original post: October 2015

I'm sure many of you have already started think about Halloween: what your children will be dressed as, what you will be dressed as, how you will (or already have) decorate for the holiday, how to up your pumpkin-carving game, etc. Here's yet another thing to think about: Safety Tips for Trick or Treating.

Infographic courtesy of: Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram 24
Any other tips you'd add to this list? How do you teach your kiddos to stay safe during the festivities?

Here's to a happy and healthy Halloween!

Trick AND Treat: 3 Non-Halloween Ways to Party

October is such a glorious time of year, especially in school. The leaves are turning (at least in the North East), you are getting into the swing of things after heading back to school, and there's nothing like fluffy teacher sweaters to make you feel cozy. Another plus about October in the classroom? The treats! And I'm not just talking about Halloween candy. Think pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, and cider! Also, who doesn't love the autumn decor, like the scarecrows, corn stalks, and more pumpkins?!

So, if you are like many other classrooms or schools who do not allow Halloween-themed parties in your classroom, here are 3 tricks for non-Halloween parties to celebrate this awesome month with your kiddos!

1. Pumpkin Party!

Trick AND Treat: 5 Tricks to Have in Your Therapy Bag

It's October, so how about a trick and a treat? Let's talk today about 5 things you need in your therapy bag if you do in-home services. This also applies to any teachers or parents who work to support a learner on skill building and decreasing problem behaviors. You can't go wrong with these tricks in your bag!

Obviously, we know to pack certain things, like pens, data sheets, therapy binder, etc. (check out this post for some fun, therapy-specific ideas to bring) But here are some additional tools you may not have considered using/needing during your in-home sessions!

5 "tricks" to pack in your therapy bag...

1. Sheet protectors

Sheet protectors are key! I use them as a folder for new worksheets or data sheets I need to add to the treatment binder. I use them to protect master copies of said worksheets and data sheets. I also use them in a pinch as a dry erase board or lamination -> this is my favorite way to use them!

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