Valentine's Outfits No Matter Your Status

Celebrating Valentine's Day? Celebrating Galentine's Day? No matter - I've got you covered. I've created three different outfits for you, however you celebrate the holiday!

For a night out with the girls:

Galentine's Day Date

For a romantic evening with your loved one:

Valentine's Playlists (and a Contest for You!)

Hey Lovers and Friends,

Today, I'm throw backing to two different playlists: One for the Lover and one for the...uh, Hater. Hater of Valentine's at least.

Click the buttons below to be taken to that post. One of these has a secret contest...

Grainz 4 Lyfe: #ILoveBread

Ok, what's this all about? Well, it's my attempt to showcase one of my favorite foods in the world: bread.

I'm not shy about this. I don't feel guilty about this. I have been borderline obsessed with bread since I was a child (eating slices of plain white bread as a snack) and my infatuation only grows as I get older. In this war time against the perfect side, I call to you for support. Grains are not the enemy! Sandwiches are not the problem! Gluten is not the reason you're sick (unless, of course, you have a diagnosed allergy, then, ok, sorry). We no longer have to shun our once-beloved pre-meal nosh. We can embrace our friend once again, and this campaign from Grain Foods Foundation is helping us get there!

Do You LoveTPT? Here's a Valentine's Treat

Happy Monday! Needing some extra love this time of year? Teacher's Pay Teacher's are celebrating YOU and spreading the love. Starting tomorrow and through Wednesday, TpT is throwing a #TpTBeMine sale! Many sellers will throwing their own store sale as well, which means, with the 10% off discount from TpT (using the code LOVETPT) you could save up to 28% off! My store will be discounted 20% - so you get the most savings!

IEP Writing: A How-to Guide

Happy Ground Hog's Day friends! In a totally unrelated topic, I'm going to take this time to talk about IEPs...

Image courtesy of: blackzheep for
Writing IEPs can be a lot of work! As a former special educator for 7 years, trust me - I know! To help make the process painless and efficient, I'd like to share with you some tips and tricks that have worked for me. I originally posted this guide on A Special Sparkle's blog, but have updated it for you here. This is a LONG post, so grab a cup of coffee and join me. Feel free to use this guide as you embark on all of your IEP endeavors!

Keep in mind, your state’s IEP may be outlined differently, but all of the information provided in this post is relevant, wherever you teach. 

5 Faves: My Top Oatmeal Recipes

Who doesn't love a warm, creamy meal in the morning? While some might prefer a crispy egg and cheese sandwich, or a stack of fluffy pancakes, I reach for a bowl of oats to satisfy my cravings. Not only do I think they're delicious, but I find them highly satisfying and manage the ravaging hungry I experience mid-day with other breakfast choices. The key to a satisfying oatmeal bowl? Read below to find out about my favorite recipes.

1. Blueberries and Honey

 I use frozen wild blueberries (FAR superior in taste and nutrients) and local raw honey (same deal with the honey). A delightful bit sweet and tart. Delicious combo!

2. Strawberries and Coconut

I also use frozen strawberries as well, if only because I don't eat them fast enough when fresh. Add some unsweetened (although still sweet) shredded coconut for a delightful tropical twist!

Can't Get Outside? 5 Ideas to Manage Cabin Fever and Indoor Recess

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere like me, you are in the dead of winter right now! Maybe some of you don't live in a climate where "winter" is as scary a concept as it is here in the Northeast, but for those of you who suffer from blistering wind, arctic temps, and freezing rain and snow during this time of year, you know how challenging it is to ensure your kiddos get the fresh air break they need. No matter where you live, indoor recess happens on occasion, and it helps to have a plan of action when that inevitable disappointing announcement comes through the loud speaker.

Images courtesy of Mrs. Fun and Supertrooper at

Below are my 5 favorite ways to manage indoor recess and your sanity:

1. Specified Activity Centers

You likely use centers throughout your classroom: library, computers, circle area, teacher's area, etc. You may also employ "centers" in your teaching. Do they work for you and your kids? How about incorporating them into you indoor recess activities too! You may have games or activities that you have specifically for indoor recess. Have centers available and a routine for when kids switch to their new indoor recess activity. Kids remain engaged, aren't constantly asking you what they can do, and you get to eat your lunch in peace (maybe).

Check out this great post for how to organize your indoor recess activities.

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