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New Endeavors and Updates

In the past two years there have been a lot of changes. Not just with my personal endeavors, but in society as a whole. While I'm not going to get into all the nuances and shifts in our American society, I do want to address some personal changes that are coming, not only for me, but for my blog. As you know, I've switched gears from being in the classroom full-time with children, to working in a clinical capacity with adults. This shift came 7 years ago, and I couldn't be happier. However, in the past few years, another shift has began to take place. As a clinician of behavior analysis, I have seen my fair share of criticism of ABA. At first, it was painful and my responses (though not made publicly)  came from a place of grief, defensiveness, and shame. I first read about the criticism of ABA over  years ago, and my immediate reaction was to shut it out completely. Make statements such as "That person must have had a bad ABA provider", or "ABA has changed s

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