Trick AND Treat: 3 Non-Halloween Ways to Party

October is such a glorious time of year, especially in school. The leaves are turning (at least in the North East), you are getting into the swing of things after heading back to school, and there's nothing like fluffy teacher sweaters to make you feel cozy. Another plus about October in the classroom? The treats! And I'm not just talking about Halloween candy. Think pumpkin, apples, cinnamon, and cider! Also, who doesn't love the autumn decor, like the scarecrows, corn stalks, and more pumpkins?!

So, if you are like many other classrooms or schools who do not allow Halloween-themed parties in your classroom, here are 3 tricks for non-Halloween parties to celebrate this awesome month with your kiddos!

1. Pumpkin Party!

Trick AND Treat: 5 Tricks to Have in Your Therapy Bag

It's October, so how about a trick and a treat? Let's talk today about 5 things you need in your therapy bag if you do in-home services. This also applies to any teachers or parents who work to support a learner on skill building and decreasing problem behaviors. You can't go wrong with these tricks in your bag!

Obviously, we know to pack certain things, like pens, data sheets, therapy binder, etc. (check out this post for some fun, therapy-specific ideas to bring) But here are some additional tools you may not have considered using/needing during your in-home sessions!

5 "tricks" to pack in your therapy bag...

1. Sheet protectors

Sheet protectors are key! I use them as a folder for new worksheets or data sheets I need to add to the treatment binder. I use them to protect master copies of said worksheets and data sheets. I also use them in a pinch as a dry erase board or lamination -> this is my favorite way to use them!

How to Reinforce Your Staff

We are all familiar with reinforcement. We use it daily with our students, our kids, our pets. We also use it with our spouses, neighbors, mail carrier, and selves (though you may not realize it). So, why not use it with our staff?

How to Hack BTS When You Don't Work in the Classroom

I remember the feeling of back to school and how exciting it was. Sure, it was the end of freedom and summer, but it was also the start of new beginnings and hopeful journeys. Each year I would think about how amazing that school year would be: all the friends I would make, all the classes I would master, and all the memories that I would cherish.

You can use that same mentality no matter where you are. Whether you are in the classroom, office, hospital, or field. It's a second chance at change (kinda like your New Year's promises). Make the most of it!

Organize, Organize, Organize

I'm sure you've noticed all the Instagram and Facebook images of the pristine, organized classrooms teachers are designing for back to school. Now it's your turn. This is the perfect time to employ some of those organization strategies you've been meaning to try out. Be it color-coding schedules, setting up a new filing system, or creating a family command center for your home, this is your time to shine. Check out some inspiration below:

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Ever feel like you haven't reached your full potential yet? You're not alone! If you are not where you want to be right now, and have no idea how to get there, read on for some simple ideas to help you reach your goals!

Quickie Post: BTS Sale 2017!

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The Wonders of Preference Assessments

Preference assessments are fabulous tools for anyone looking to change someone's behavior. I've used them in the classroom, in adult services, and even with my dog! (more on that below). Keep reading for the what, why, and how for preference assessments.

What are preference assessments?

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