Thankful Thursday + Enter My Giveaway Linky!

When I saw this original idea posted on Tuesday, I was so excited, because I knew exactly who I was going to post about!
Miller's Science Space
My new friend Caitlin from Miller's Science Space! We connected because she was the sender of my SLANT Box! We had no trouble finding things to talk about.  We shared funny stories, our educational histories, and shared interests. I learned so much about her (5th grade science teacher in her 6th year, a married mother of two, a proud Texan) and loved emailing back and forth. She even emailed me one of her products I was coveting and a couple of cool decor ideas she thought I would like! What a doll!

Please check out this amazing teacher, blogger, and friend. She has a TON of wonderful products in her store (including her I Don't Know Options, which I LOVE), and posts about classroom management ideas, back to school, and all things science (obviously) on her blog. Make sure to follow this girl - you won't wanna miss any of her posts.

Who are you thankful for? Link up with Peacocks and Penguins in the Classroom for this fun, grateful linky!

I also just want to take the time to let you know about some great giveaways:

I Teach. What's Your Super Power?
Click the image above to check out this great Silhouette giveaway! Who doesn't want one of those?!

Now, head to Learning in Wonderland for a unique Giveaway Linky. Then, check out my giveaway below!


  1. Hi Rae. I just found you on the thankful Linky so I headed on over to your blog and realized that you're also a MA blogger - me, too! I'm looking forward to participating in your rafflecopter. Plus, I'm your newest follower!

  2. I always look forward to meeting my new kids and seeing how much they grow between the first and last days! :)

  3. I am looking forward to meeting my new little firsties and making a difference in their lives.

  4. Rae, lest week and today have been so crazy! I hadn't even had the chance to catch up on my blog reads. You are so sweet and too kind :) Thank you for all of your friendship. It has been wonderful making a new friend!



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