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On this final day of January, I want to pay homage to a terrific award-winning author by way of a little Throwback post. After receiving my daily Happy Birthday Author newsletter, I was struck with inspiration to share this post. Although this post would have served my teacher friends better had I done it last week, but alas. Enjoy!

Original Post: January 19, 2013
Happy Saturday!

Any fun plans for the three day weekend? I'm doing MCAS-Alt work (our state's standardized comprehensive assessment alternative - in portfolio format) for one of my students, going to wedding expos (yes, more than one!), and watching me some football with the fiancé. Oh yes, and studying. I am back in school now, for my FINAL semester of Graduate School!!! w00t.

As we all know, MLK Day is on Monday, and while we enjoy having a three-day weekend, it is important to commemorate such an inspirational historical figure. I make sure every year to celebrate Dr. King's life with my students, usually starting out reading Martin's Big Words by Doreen Rappaport.  I use this opportunity to discuss issues of inequality, prejudice, and racism. It is a heated debate, but I think children deserve to know the truths of our history. It does them no service to shelter them for the realities of life. This is one of my favorite read alouds of the year, as it allows for really meaty and philosophical discussions.


Easy Like Sunday Morning #13



Easy Like Sunday Morning #12

I have not stopped listening to this song since I heard it. I'm complete obsessed. You will be too.



Make Changes That Last!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season and aren't too hungover today ;)

Seeing as it's not only New Year's Day, but also Thusrday, it's the perfect time to share a throwback post about making resolutions and sticking with them!

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