Easy Like Sunday Morning #11

While it's not the original, you can't go wrong with this version. Beautiful.


New Years Resolution Packet Update

Happy Winter Break! Hopefully you are enjoying a relaxing Christmas Eve (though I'm sure many of you are doing last minute Christmasy things). I'm spending the day crocheting tiny mice stuffed with catnip, wrapping The Husband's gifts while he's at work, and binge eating on Peanut M&Ms. Oh, I also updated my New Years Resolution Mini-Lesson Packet for the 2015 year! If you have already purhcased this product, go redownload it for the updated pack, or if you are interested in purchasing it for your classroom, check it out here.

Alternatively, if you have older kiddos, I've had success using my Goal Setting for Young People workbook. It's not a New Year's themed product, but will work great for any New Year's Resolution lessons you may be teaching your pre-teen to adolescent students this year. Click here to check it out :)

Most importantly - I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and merry holiday season!


Easy Like Sunday Morning #10

So, not really a low-key, Sunday morning type song, but great nonetheless. Besides, who doesn't need a break from all the holiday music? Plus, it's yet another gem from Girls. You're welcome.


Easy Like Sunday Morning #9

Warning: Don't listen if you're suffering from unrequited love.



Easy Like Sunday Morning #8

Sultry, intoxicating voice. Beautifully simple chords. A song to keep you warm as you sit by the fire drinking you Hot Toddy. Have a listen.



Stop That Cold In Its Tracks

Morning friends,

It started Thursday night. I was driving home from the gym. My eyes started watering. My nose started to tingle. I knew the water works (mucus works?) were coming. Thankfully I had enough time to pull over, because the sneeze attack came on with brutal vengeance. So it began…

By the time I came home, I had a full-blown head cold. My head hurt, my eyes were sore, my nose never stopped running. I knew I had to put a stop to this in time for the big movie screening on Saturday (more on that later this week…)

Well, I'll have you know, I attended the movie screening healthy as a horse! Want to know how I beat the cold in less than a day? Read on for ways to stop that cold in its tracks!

1. Drink "Tea"! I am not a tea drinker. I stick to coffee and water. However, when I'm coming down with a cold (or am suffering with full-blown sickness), I turn to my trusty tea kettle and favorite cold-busting "tea". I call this "tea" because it's not technically a tea, but more of a soothing steaming cup of water and ingredients. The warmth of the water soothes my throat, the honey provides antibacterial properties, and the lemon cuts through any congestion. Find the recipe here.

2. Hydrate! Other than your cups of "tea", you should be staying hydrated with water! It can't be stressed enough. I'm not going to go into all the reasons you should be drinking water, because you know that. Just do it please.

3. Use Essential Oils! Essential oils have so many uses, especially when combating a cold. Essential oils are  natural oils derived from true plants and is generally distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots or other elements of the plant. There are different blends and single oils out there for different common ailments, such as soothing muscles and supporting their immune system. Many people rub essential oils (diluted or not, depending on the oils themselves) directly onto the skin to absorb into the pores. Click here for my favorite cold-busting chest rub. Some people combine single oils (or use just one oil) into a capsule to take orally. See #4 for another great way to use them. I personally use oils from Young Living. Click here for more information on using essential oils.

4. Diffuse! I LOVE my diffuser. I diffuse oils nearly every day. I don't always diffuse the same oils - I choose which oils to diffuse depending on my body and home's needs. For example, last night my husband had a headache while we were heading to sleep. I diffused some Lavender essential oil to relieve his pain and promote sleepiness. He slept like a baby! Click here for some "recipes" for essential oil diffusion.

5. Take a Bath! I love baths. I don't take them very often, because I never seem to have the time, but when I'm sick, I make time. Baths in themselves can be relaxing, but when I'm under the weather, I like to boost my immunity by adding some ingredients to my bath water. Find my Detox Bath "recipe" here.

6. Move! I know, I know…the last thing you want to do when you are feeling sick is go for a run. You might even think it's bad for you to exert energy when you are stuffed up. However, you can exercise and you should exercise. A good rule to follow: if your cold is above the chest (like a head cold), you will benefit from exercise. For illnesses such as a mucusy cough or stomach bug (or fever!), it's best to leave the interval workout for another day. That being said, you may still want to stretch your body to get your muscles moving and your blood flowing. I generally choose something low-impact on my sick days, such as yoga or walking. If I'm at the beginning of my cold (read: like on Thursday), I will attempt to do my typically routine of cardio and strength training. This has really helped my immune system to kick it up and keep me healthy!

7. Eat Good Food! Not good as in delicious, high-fat junk. Good as in delicious, high-quality food. Eat wholesome foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Avoid dairy products during your sickness as they can add to your congestion. Avoid alcohol when sick. Eat lots of leafy greens, complex carbs, and protein. Eat fruits in the morning (fruits, not fruit juice) and nuts and seeds throughout the day. Eat the way you know you should eat every day!

8. Drink Elderberry Syrup! Black elderberries have shown to improve flu-like symptoms and speed the recovery process of those who are sick. It is also a great preventative measure to avoid getting sick in the first place! Natural elderberry syrup contains high levels of vitamins and can boost the immune system. You can buy elderberry syrup in health food stores or online, or you can make your own at home!

9. Sleep! Duh.

What do you do to help kick that cold to the curb? Leave your tips below!


Easy Like Sunday Morning #7 + Cyber Monday (& Sunday) Sale!

I have been binge-listening to this song for a few weeks. I first heard it on WERS (Emerson Radio) and immediately SoundHound-ed it. Completely and utterly obsessed.


But wait, there's more…

Starting today I will be throwing a sale at my TPT store! Today you will receive 20% your purchases, and starting tomorrow you will be able to save up to 28%!! Just use the code below on all your Cyber Monday and Tuesday!  purchases :)


SPED Bloggers Blog Hop: Essential Oils for the Mid-Year Chaos

Welcome to the Special Education Bloggers Blog Hop! I am so thankful you have stopped by! I hope this blog hop has given you new tips and tricks to use in your classroom, and that you are enjoying your FREEBIES!

You made it to Thanksgiving! Just a few more weeks until Winter Break! Can you make it?

This was always the most stressful time of year for me as a teacher, even more than the end of the year madness. (who can be that stressed when Summer is on the horizon?) Come December, I was up to my neck in report cards, conferences, and holiday crafts for parents, just to name a few. Tackle on the job of containing a classroom full of excitable second graders, and every single day, I was fried and ready for a nap. I needed a change.

I decided to share something with my classroom that I was solely utilizing in my house...

Technically, I'm a scientist now, so what I'm about to say to you may not seem very compatible. However, there is indeed science behind what I am going to share, and I think it is worth looking into to see results for yourself

I needed… essential oils.

I'm here today to give you some tips on using essential oils in your classroom to make it through this stressful time of the year!

The way I have found most effective (and safest) to utilize essential oils in the classroom is by way of a diffuser. (Here is the diffuser I personally own) I diffuse different oils for different purposes throughout my house and (when I had) my classroom. I will list the different ways to use oils for different, common classroom problems.

*Note: While using essential oils topically with children is generally safe for many oils, I do NOT recommend doing so. Some children may have allergies, sensitive skin, or the parents just plain don't want you rubbing oils on their kid's feet (this last one is an EXCELLENT reason not to use these oils topically with your classroom. That seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen). While I may advocate for topically applying oils with children in my own life, I do not suggest you do so with your students, for all the ethical reasons I mentioned, and other obvious ones. In all seriousness, it is still best to request consent from parents if you do plan on diffusing oils into the air, as it is best practice.*


  • Clarity (Young Living Blend): promotes a clear mind and alertness through is combination of stimulating oils.
  • Lemongrass: Refreshing, rejuvenating, stimulating, and balancing, this oil improves mental clarity.
  • Peppermint: Many studies indicate this oils benefits, including its ability to improve concentration and mental sharpness.
  • Basil: Inhaling basil can refresh the mind and restores mental alertness.

Sniffles and Colds

  • Thieves (Young Living Blend): This blend was researched and tested for its cleansing abilities and it has been found to be highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.
  • Eucalyptus: This oil helps relieve respiratory and sinus infections, is a powerful decongestant, and fights viral infections.
  • Peppermint: In addition to its powerful alerting properties, Peppermint is purifying and fights against respiratory infections, viral infections, headaches, and digestive discomfort, just to name a few!

Impulsivity and Hyperactivity

  • Lavender: My favorite essential oil because it is packed with power! When diffused, lavender is calming, relaxing, and balancing, both physically and emotionally. IT has also been documented to improve concentration and mental acuity.
  • Peace and Calming (Young Living Blend): This blend promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being.
  • Coriander: We know this name from its seed, commonly used in cooking! When this oil is diffused, it is used to soothe and calm the environment.
  • Cistus: When diffused, this oil is calming to the nerves and elevates the emotions.

Sleepiness and The Slumps

  • Grapefruit: This stimulating oil can help relieve anxiety and depression, as well as promote alertness and combat fatigue. It's refreshing and uplifting fragrance helps to boost awareness.
  • Peppermint: This oil is extremely stimulating - just inhale to see for yourself! Research indicates that peppermint aroma may help attention, performance, and focus, while awakening the senses.
  • Rosemary: Another common spice you might find in your cabinet, this oil helps to overcome mental fatigue and improves mental clarity and focus. Research has found when inhaled, rosemary boosted alertness, eased anxiety, and amplified analytic and mental ability!

Bugs and Germs

  • Purification (Young Living Blend): This purifying blend cleanses and disinfects the air and neutralizes mildew.
  • Thieves (Young Living Blend): Studies have demonstrated the killing power of a blend of essential oil, found in Thieves, against airborne microorganisms. This blend is highly antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-infectious. 


  • Frankincense: This powerful oil is known to increase awareness and improve attitude. Additionally, it can help decrease short-term memory loss.
  • Peppermint: Peppermint, as mentioned above, can help promote alertness. Ttis has been shown to help with memory retention.
  • Cardamom: The oil form of this common seed has an uplifting, refreshing and invigorating aroma. Cardamom helps to promote alertness and mindfulness.

Crabbiness and The Grumps

  • Joy (Young Living Blend): This aromatic blend brings joy, inspires compassion, and helps overcome grief and depression.
  • Bergamot: This oil is simultaneously uplifting and calming, with a unique ability to relieve anxiety, stress, and tension.
  • Cistus: This oil is known to be calming to the nerves and elevates emotions. It is commonly used for its antidepressant properties.
  • Frankincense: This oil is a power house! Frankincense is commonly used for depression and  When diffused it can improve mood and create a sense of calm and meditativeness. 
  • Orange: A study conducted by Mie University found that orange essential oils, along with other citrus fragrances boosted immunity, induced relaxation, and reduced depression.
I hope these tips help you through this crazy time of year! I know it helped me in my classroom, and daily in my home throughout the year. I'd love to hear about your adventures with essential oils as well!

And now, for your (unrelated) FREEBIE! I created this just for you - it's a worksheet to use with your students who are working on identifying and coming up with their own fact and opinion sentences.

Click here to get your FREEBIE!

DISCLAIMER: All the information presented here and on the Mindful Rambles blog is for educational and resource purposes only. It is NOT a substitute for or in addition to any advice given to you by your medical professional. Before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet, or exercise regimen, please consult your physician.

Leave a comment letting me know how you use essential oils in your life, or if you don't, if it's something you'd be interested in learning more about. :)

Thanks for checking in.  For more freebies and tips, continue the trip through the blog hop by checking out Creating and Teaching...just click the button below.

Turkey Day Playlist for Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner

Looking for a soundtrack to your awkward Thanksigivng dinner? Play this softly in the background and when your Uncle Joe cracks some borderline racist joke that makes everyone cringe, crank it up to drown out the awkward silence.

You're welcome in advance.

Coming Soon...

An amazing Special Educator's Blog Hop! 25 talent special educator's will be sharing their tips and freebies with you starting this Friday! Make sure to come back to check it out :)


Easy Like Sunday Morning #6

alt-J is a tremendous band from England - worth checking out! This song is from their first album. I'm posting their video instead of just the song because it's incredible. With any luck, I'll be seeing them next week when they come to Boston :)



A Thankful Classroom

Happy Friday Friends!

If you are looking for a fun craftivity to do with your kiddos during the short week next week (US teachers at least), check out my Thankful Turkeys Craftivity! They turn out super cute and for under $2, it's quite a steal!

You can choose between the feathers with lines for your students who are writers, or the blank feathers for students who would prefer to draw. Both are provided in this product. Additionally, there are explicit directions for assembly and pictures to follow along. This is honestly, one of my favorite products because it is so simple, yet so adorable when it's all put together! My kids loved how these turned out and you will too!

Also, if you are looking for a math activity to add to your centers or downtime next week, look no further than my Don't Be a Turkey! Number Sense Math Center. This product is perfect for Kindergarteners or anyone who needs help with number subitizing and number sense! I used this with some of my 1st and 2nd graders who were struggling with the automaticity of recognizing clusters of objects. Super helpful and fun!

With easy to follow instructions for both readers and nonreaders, this simple center is perfect for your differentiated classroom. And for less than $2, you get a great center for a little :)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week in school, and a safe and healthy Thanksgiving at home :)


Easy Like Sunday Morning #5

Currently completely obsessed with this song from The Head and the Heart. Great band. Great music. Great song.



Mindfulness Meditation: The What, Why, and How

Greetings friends!

Recently, I was a guest blogger at Kristie's Blue Jeans, blogging about how to incorporate meditation into your lives, even if you are super busy. (Who isn't?) I figured that some people may benefit from learning about my meditation journey, and how practicing meditation can benefit you too!

Many people look at meditation as a complete lifestyle overhaul; one in which, if they embrace meditation, they will then have to start eating organic hemp seeds, wearing Birkenstocks, and creating natural remedies using medicinal herbs. While all of these changes can certainly be made (and I highly recommend) it is by no means necessary. You can still eat conventionally grown apples, wear your glitter Uggs, and continue using industrially produced medications. I promise.

Additionally, many folks think they are too busy for meditation. That meditation is too time-consuming, too challenging, and requires a lot of “stuff” to do it right. I’m here to tell you that is a load of BS. The best thing about meditation (other than the insane benefits) is that you need absolutely nothing to do it! Sure, many people use meditation pillows, swear by healing stones, and listen to meditation CDs, but none of these things are essential to start and sustaining your meditation practice. I have been practicing meditation for years and have never owned any special seating or trinkets.

There are many different meditation styles and techniques out there. You may want to try all of these to find the one(s) that suit you best. There is no right or wrong technique. I am personally guided by a technique called mindfulness meditation. My mind wanders. A lot. As someone who has struggled with ADHD her entire life, I’ve learned to embrace this quirk, even throughout my meditation. Some techniques suggest focusing on a particular thought, mantra, or style of breathing to help focus your attention. I have found that when I attempt to do this, I end up failing (though, of course there is no failing in meditation) and feel bad about it. I struggle to maintain focus on a particular thing and notice my mind wandering. While this is perfectly natural, I knew I was “supposed” to be doing it. Practicing with these ideas in mind was a lot of work…literally. I did not feel relaxed, nor grounded, and I dreaded doing it. Throughout my journeys, I discovered the technique of mindfulness. According to the bloggers at Gaiam, mindfulness meditation:

“encourages the practitioner to observe wandering thoughts as they drift through the mind. The intention is not to get involved with the thoughts or to judge them, but simply to be aware of each mental note as it arises.

Through mindfulness meditation, you can see how your thoughts and feelings tend to move in particular patterns. Over time, you can become more aware of the human tendency to quickly judge experience as “good” or “bad” (“pleasant” or “unpleasant”). With practice, an inner balance develops.”

This was exactly what I needed. Not only did it relieve my anxiety about doing things “wrong” but it enhanced so many other parts of my life. Through my practice of releasing self-judgment through my practice, I began to view my life, experiences, and stress in a different light. Instead of attributing a label to these experiences, I began noticing how I felt about them, why they were/were not happening, and ways I could make changes, or not make changes and continue feeling satisfaction in my life. I became less “judgy” and impulsive, and more introspective and balanced.

Whatever meditation style(s) you choose, you can manage a busy lifestyle while practicing meditation. Can you afford not to?

Want to get started? Check out my guest post over at Kristie’s Blue Jeans for meditation tips for busy beginners!

For more resources on meditation, visit The Buddhist Centre, and/or check out my Resources for Mindfulness Amazon List.

DISCLAIMER: All the information presented here and on the Mindful Rambles blog is for educational and resource purposes only. It is NOT a substitute for or in addition to any advice given to you by your medical professional. Before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet, or exercise regimen, please consult your physician.

Do you meditate? What, if any, techniques do you use? Keep the conversation going by leaving a comment!


Guest Post at Kristie's Blue Jeans!

Greetings friends!

I'm over at Kristie's Blue Jeans, sharing my experience with meditation and tips for how to get started. Even if you're super busy! Check me out :)


Easy Like Sunday Morning #4

You may have heard this one from Girls. Still awesome (or maybe even more awesome)


TBT: The Wishing Tree

Happy Thursday!

This week's throwback is from 2012. I hope it inspires some classroom teachers to create their own Wishing Tree project (either related to elections or Thanksgiving - as in a Thankful Tree).

Original post: November 28, 2012

So this post is a little late, but I just loved the activity so much that I didn't want to miss out on sharing it :)


Easy Like Sunday Morning #3

Today's jam is from Sarah Jaffe. A soothing yet rejuvenating voice. Love.



Halloween Movies for Scaredy Cats

Happy Halloween!

I'm popping in to give you a list of the most "scaredy cat-friendly" Halloween movies...For people like me...People who are afraid of everything. And I mean everything.

Some of these are family-friendly (Charlie Brown) while others are not (I'm looking at your Idle Hands). Either way, these are the Halloween movies that I can stand to watch. This doesn't mean you won't find them scary (Shaun of the Dead is scary as hell, but made it to the list because I've seen it enough times to not be as scared) and it doesn't mean you won't find me a little lame for suggesting them (Zombieland). There are kid-friendly movies that most people add to these types of lists, such as the "kid" movie, The Witches (heck no - SO freaking scary), and campy movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street (are you kidding me? A man coming to me in my dreams to kill me?! No freaking way!) or Dawn of the Dead (nothing with the word Dead in it, unless it's a spoof, and even then it's super scary).

Family-Friendly Halloween Playlist

So now, for the family-friendly folks, I've created a playlist that you can share with your loved ones for Halloween. Just make sure to play the "adult" one once the Trick-or-Treaters are in bed!

(So, Time Warp has some questionable…motives... so what? Kids don't pick up on that!)

Any other songs your kids love? What would you add?


Happy Halloween, You Nonconformist! A Playlist for the Cool Kids

Who is sick of The Monster Mash? Okay, no one, because it's great. But if you are looking for some unconventional, spooky music to impress your friends, check out the playlist I created below. Some of these songs are well-known and classics (Psycho Killer and Don't Fear the Reaper), others are remakes (This is Halloween and Down With the Sickness), some are super creepy (Country Death Song and Come to Daddy), while some are just plain bizarre (Werewolf Bar Mitzvah - extra credit if you know what this is from!). 

*Warning: These are NOT family friendly! Not only can the lyrics be crass, but the meaning behind some songs are…well, freaking terrifying. Best for an adult party (paired with scary movies and Bloody Sucker Cocktails).

If you notice, Misfits are on the playlist twice. They could be on 5 more times. They are creeptastic. Also, if you would love another Nightmare Before Christmas remake, check out Fiona Apple's cover of Sally's Song. My FAVE (but wasn't available on Spotify. Boo)

Are there any other spooky scary songs that make you think of Halloween? Share your faves below!


Double-Duty Workout Gear: From the Studio to the Office!

Happy Hump Day!

So we all know that we need to work out. We've all heard these motivational quotes: "It's only 4% of your day!" and "You won't regret that workout!" and "There are 1,440 minutes in a day - you can spend 30 minutes on exercise!" But, let's be real. It does take longer than 30 minutes. You have to plan in order to get it in! It can be as simple as heading outside and going for a brisk walk, but often, it's not.

I'm always looking for ways to cut down my time getting ready, especially pre- and post-workout. I've even been trying to figure out ways to get to the gym during my lunch hour, without spending half my time changing for my workout and getting ready to head back to the office. That's why I've been searching for the perfect double-duty gear to take you from the office to the gym (and back - depending on how sweaty you get!).

I've created this collection of individual workout items for you to pair with different styles to make it office-friendly. I've provided some suggestions for how to style some pieces to take you from the studio to the streets! Some of the styles are less "office-friendly", especially if you are in the corporate world. But most, if not all, of these styles are perfect for a more casual work environment, and most definitely for your weekend activities!

Hopefully these styles will get you motivated to go workout and give your that extra time in your day for some "you" time!

Click through the slideshow to find your next fave find!


Easy Like Sunday Morning #2

Today's Sunday morning jam is from Jaymay. Ah-mazing.



TBT: My Last Attempt at Happiness as a Classroom Teacher

Morbid, but true. This post, dated back in March, was my last hurrah at attempting something resembling happiness as a behavior teacher in the classroom. As many of you know, I left the classroom to accept a job as a behavior analyst for a mental health agency, currently contracted through the state department. It is a completely different setting, with a completely different population, and a complete different set of challenges, but I love it. My throwback post today is a reminder of where I was last March. A reminder of how unhappy I was. A reminder at how disorganized the administration was, while I was barely keeping my head above water, thrashing about asking for help. That being said, the post is also a reminder of how hopeful I was, how eager I was, how thankful I was to finally feel as though I was getting some support. Well, we know that just a couple of months later, I had had enough, and resigned from teaching. But that's a story for another day...
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