Easy Like Sunday Morning #11

While it's not the original, you can't go wrong with this version. Beautiful.


New Years Resolution Packet Update

Happy Winter Break! Hopefully you are enjoying a relaxing Christmas Eve (though I'm sure many of you are doing last minute Christmasy things). I'm spending the day crocheting tiny mice stuffed with catnip, wrapping The Husband's gifts while he's at work, and binge eating on Peanut M&Ms. Oh, I also updated my New Years Resolution Mini-Lesson Packet for the 2015 year! If you have already purhcased this product, go redownload it for the updated pack, or if you are interested in purchasing it for your classroom, check it out here.

Alternatively, if you have older kiddos, I've had success using my Goal Setting for Young People workbook. It's not a New Year's themed product, but will work great for any New Year's Resolution lessons you may be teaching your pre-teen to adolescent students this year. Click here to check it out :)

Most importantly - I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, and merry holiday season!


Easy Like Sunday Morning #10

So, not really a low-key, Sunday morning type song, but great nonetheless. Besides, who doesn't need a break from all the holiday music? Plus, it's yet another gem from Girls. You're welcome.


Easy Like Sunday Morning #9

Warning: Don't listen if you're suffering from unrequited love.



Easy Like Sunday Morning #8

Sultry, intoxicating voice. Beautifully simple chords. A song to keep you warm as you sit by the fire drinking you Hot Toddy. Have a listen.



Stop That Cold In Its Tracks

Morning friends,

It started Thursday night. I was driving home from the gym. My eyes started watering. My nose started to tingle. I knew the water works (mucus works?) were coming. Thankfully I had enough time to pull over, because the sneeze attack came on with brutal vengeance. So it began…

By the time I came home, I had a full-blown head cold. My head hurt, my eyes were sore, my nose never stopped running. I knew I had to put a stop to this in time for the big movie screening on Saturday (more on that later this week…)

Well, I'll have you know, I attended the movie screening healthy as a horse! Want to know how I beat the cold in less than a day? Read on for ways to stop that cold in its tracks!

Easy Like Sunday Morning #7 + Cyber Monday (& Sunday) Sale!

I have been binge-listening to this song for a few weeks. I first heard it on WERS (Emerson Radio) and immediately SoundHound-ed it. Completely and utterly obsessed.



SPED Bloggers Blog Hop: Essential Oils for the Mid-Year Chaos

Welcome to the Special Education Bloggers Blog Hop! I am so thankful you have stopped by! I hope this blog hop has given you new tips and tricks to use in your classroom, and that you are enjoying your FREEBIES!

You made it to Thanksgiving! Just a few more weeks until Winter Break! Can you make it?

This was always the most stressful time of year for me as a teacher, even more than the end of the year madness. (who can be that stressed when Summer is on the horizon?) Come December, I was up to my neck in report cards, conferences, and holiday crafts for parents, just to name a few. Tackle on the job of containing a classroom full of excitable second graders, and every single day, I was fried and ready for a nap. I needed a change.

I decided to share something with my classroom that I was solely utilizing in my house...

Technically, I'm a scientist now, so what I'm about to say to you may not seem very compatible. However, there is indeed science behind what I am going to share, and I think it is worth looking into to see results for yourself

I needed… essential oils.

Turkey Day Playlist for Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner

Looking for a soundtrack to your awkward Thanksigivng dinner? Play this softly in the background and when your Uncle Joe cracks some borderline racist joke that makes everyone cringe, crank it up to drown out the awkward silence.

You're welcome in advance.

Coming Soon...

An amazing Special Educator's Blog Hop! 25 talent special educator's will be sharing their tips and freebies with you starting this Friday! Make sure to come back to check it out :)


Easy Like Sunday Morning #6

alt-J is a tremendous band from England - worth checking out! This song is from their first album. I'm posting their video instead of just the song because it's incredible. With any luck, I'll be seeing them next week when they come to Boston :)



A Thankful Classroom

Happy Friday Friends!

If you are looking for a fun craftivity to do with your kiddos during the short week next week (US teachers at least), check out my Thankful Turkeys Craftivity! They turn out super cute and for under $2, it's quite a steal!

You can choose between the feathers with lines for your students who are writers, or the blank feathers for students who would prefer to draw. Both are provided in this product. Additionally, there are explicit directions for assembly and pictures to follow along. This is honestly, one of my favorite products because it is so simple, yet so adorable when it's all put together! My kids loved how these turned out and you will too!

Also, if you are looking for a math activity to add to your centers or downtime next week, look no further than my Don't Be a Turkey! Number Sense Math Center. This product is perfect for Kindergarteners or anyone who needs help with number subitizing and number sense! I used this with some of my 1st and 2nd graders who were struggling with the automaticity of recognizing clusters of objects. Super helpful and fun!

With easy to follow instructions for both readers and nonreaders, this simple center is perfect for your differentiated classroom. And for less than $2, you get a great center for a little :)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week in school, and a safe and healthy Thanksgiving at home :)


Easy Like Sunday Morning #5

Currently completely obsessed with this song from The Head and the Heart. Great band. Great music. Great song.



Mindfulness Meditation: The What, Why, and How

Greetings friends!

Recently, I was a guest blogger at Kristie's Blue Jeans, blogging about how to incorporate meditation into your lives, even if you are super busy. (Who isn't?) I figured that some people may benefit from learning about my meditation journey, and how practicing meditation can benefit you too!

Many people look at meditation as a complete lifestyle overhaul; one in which, if they embrace meditation, they will then have to start eating organic hemp seeds, wearing Birkenstocks, and creating natural remedies using medicinal herbs. While all of these changes can certainly be made (and I highly recommend) it is by no means necessary. You can still eat conventionally grown apples, wear your glitter Uggs, and continue using industrially produced medications. I promise.


Guest Post at Kristie's Blue Jeans!

Greetings friends!

I'm over at Kristie's Blue Jeans, sharing my experience with meditation and tips for how to get started. Even if you're super busy! Check me out :)


Easy Like Sunday Morning #4

You may have heard this one from Girls. Still awesome (or maybe even more awesome)


TBT: The Wishing Tree

Happy Thursday!

This week's throwback is from 2012. I hope it inspires some classroom teachers to create their own Wishing Tree project (either related to elections or Thanksgiving - as in a Thankful Tree).

Original post: November 28, 2012

So this post is a little late, but I just loved the activity so much that I didn't want to miss out on sharing it :)


Easy Like Sunday Morning #3

Today's jam is from Sarah Jaffe. A soothing yet rejuvenating voice. Love.



Halloween Movies for Scaredy Cats

Happy Halloween!

I'm popping in to give you a list of the most "scaredy cat-friendly" Halloween movies...For people like me...People who are afraid of everything. And I mean everything.

Some of these are family-friendly (Charlie Brown) while others are not (I'm looking at your Idle Hands). Either way, these are the Halloween movies that I can stand to watch. This doesn't mean you won't find them scary (Shaun of the Dead is scary as hell, but made it to the list because I've seen it enough times to not be as scared) and it doesn't mean you won't find me a little lame for suggesting them (Zombieland). There are kid-friendly movies that most people add to these types of lists, such as the "kid" movie, The Witches (heck no - SO freaking scary), and campy movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street (are you kidding me? A man coming to me in my dreams to kill me?! No freaking way!) or Dawn of the Dead (nothing with the word Dead in it, unless it's a spoof, and even then it's super scary).

Family-Friendly Halloween Playlist

So now, for the family-friendly folks, I've created a playlist that you can share with your loved ones for Halloween. Just make sure to play the "adult" one once the Trick-or-Treaters are in bed!

(So, Time Warp has some questionable…motives... so what? Kids don't pick up on that!)

Any other songs your kids love? What would you add?


Happy Halloween, You Nonconformist! A Playlist for the Cool Kids

Who is sick of The Monster Mash? Okay, no one, because it's great. But if you are looking for some unconventional, spooky music to impress your friends, check out the playlist I created below. Some of these songs are well-known and classics (Psycho Killer and Don't Fear the Reaper), others are remakes (This is Halloween and Down With the Sickness), some are super creepy (Country Death Song and Come to Daddy), while some are just plain bizarre (Werewolf Bar Mitzvah - extra credit if you know what this is from!). 
*Warning: These are NOT family friendly! Not only can the lyrics be crass, but the meaning behind some songs are…well, freaking terrifying. Best for an adult party (paired with scary movies and Bloody Sucker Cocktails).

If you notice, Misfits are on the playlist twice. They could be on 5 more times. They are creeptastic. Also, if you would love another Nightmare Before Christmas remake, check out Fiona Apple's cover of Sally's Song. My FAVE (but wasn't available on Spotify. Boo)

Are there any other spooky scary songs that make you think of Halloween? Share your faves below!


Double-Duty Workout Gear: From the Studio to the Office!

Happy Hump Day!

So we all know that we need to work out. We've all heard these motivational quotes: "It's only 4% of your day!" and "You won't regret that workout!" and "There are 1,440 minutes in a day - you can spend 30 minutes on exercise!" But, let's be real. It does take longer than 30 minutes. You have to plan in order to get it in! It can be as simple as heading outside and going for a brisk walk, but often, it's not.

I'm always looking for ways to cut down my time getting ready, especially pre- and post-workout. I've even been trying to figure out ways to get to the gym during my lunch hour, without spending half my time changing for my workout and getting ready to head back to the office. That's why I've been searching for the perfect double-duty gear to take you from the office to the gym (and back - depending on how sweaty you get!).

I've created this collection of individual workout items for you to pair with different styles to make it office-friendly. I've provided some suggestions for how to style some pieces to take you from the studio to the streets! Some of the styles are less "office-friendly", especially if you are in the corporate world. But most, if not all, of these styles are perfect for a more casual work environment, and most definitely for your weekend activities!

Hopefully these styles will get you motivated to go workout and give your that extra time in your day for some "you" time!

Click through the slideshow to find your next fave find!


Easy Like Sunday Morning #2

Today's Sunday morning jam is from Jaymay. Ah-mazing.



Easy Like Sunday Morning #1

Good Morning Mates!

In an effort to be more reliable in my posts (sorry!), I've decided to merge my love for music (usually Indie, easy, and relaxing tunes) and restful Sundays by providing you with a weekly post. A single, soothing song for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think!

For real - I'm obsessed with this song (well, everything by Rilo Kiley) and have been for a while. I just love it so much, I have to share. It's my civic duty.



Lust After Lush: Liquefy Your Solid Conditioner

Hey all,

Have you all heard of Lush? It's a handmade cosmetics chain that make their products with organic and fresh fruits and vegetables, high quality essential oils, and safe synthetics. They use very little to no preservatives and packaging and always telling you exactly what is in each product and where it was made (and who made it!). All of their products are cruelty free and most are vegan. I am a big fan and my all-time favorite product is their Big shampoo. Now, I have lots and lots of thick hair, however it is very fine and oily. So even though this miraculous product is a "volumizing" shampoo, it works wonders on my hair. It makes it feel light, bouncy and smells ah-mazing!

In Defense of the Clip Chart

Morning all,

So I've been reading lots of posts about behavior clip charts in the classroom, especially questioning their effectiveness. As a former classroom teacher for students with behavioral challenges, this topic is near to my heart. Recently Based on some common arguments against using behavior clip charts, here are a few thoughts on why we SHOULD use behavior clip charts in the classroom and how to use them EFFECTIVELY


Shop for Less: Best Online Shops for a Teacher's Budget

Hey all,

Even though I'm not a classroom teacher anymore, I still know what it's like to try to buy a functional work wardrobe on a teacher's salary. That being said, I've compiled a list of online stores with budget-friendly options for teachers and other budget-conscious professionals.


Friday Faves

Afternoon All,
(Thank God It's Friday Before A Long Weekend)

I've fallen in love with many things this month. Today, I want to share these things with you, in the hopes you will love them as much as I do...

one. My newest Appsession (see what I did there...) is Steller. Compose your own story using text, pics and vids, all from your iPhone. Check out other amazing journals too! Here is one of mine to give you an idea.

The Job-Hunting Teacher Series: Thank You Notes

Hello again friends!

Welcome back to the Job-Hunting Teacher Series. Today's post is about writing "Thank You" notes after your interview. This is a crucial step in the interviewing process! Some employer's actually think less of those interviewees who do not send a prompt "thank you." To make sure you don't end up on the Black List, follow these tips for writing and sending the perfect "Thank You."

Preparing Your Thank You

We Love Special Educators FREEBIE Hop and Giveaway!

Did we mention how much we love special educators??! 
Well just to show you how much, 24 of us have joined together to help you start your new year out with a BOOM! 
We are beyond excited and even more excited for you! Ok, maybe even just a wee bit jealous! :)
These 24 awesome special educators, including me, have put together 5 fabulous giveaways and a freebie hop with over 20 freebies just for you!! 
Shall we get this party going!!? 
Are you ready?
The first 3 giveaways are split into 3 categories; early childhood, primary, and intermediate! So be sure to enter the one for your grade level! You can click on any of the pictures to view the product in their store or to wishlist it in case you don't win!!{wink}
Here's a look at everything one teacher will win in the Early Childhood Pack!
Here's a look at everything one teacher will win in the Primary Pack!
Seriously!!!!?? Are you feeling the Love?!
Here's a look at everything one teacher will win in the Intermediate Pack! As you know, it can be a challenge finding resources on TpT for this level, but we did manage to put a few things together that we think you'll love!
a Rafflecopter giveaway But wait! There's MORE! David at "Attainment Company" was generous enough to give two lucky teachers a copy of this e-Book for their iPad. (This e-Book is compatible ONLY for iPad, so if you do not have an iPad do not enter!)
a Rafflecopter giveaway How many of you have seen this book, or are even using it in your classroom to assess and determine presents levels?? Brigance CIBS
Last year a new and improved updated version was released...... Brigance CIBS II
and we're super excited that Robin at "Curriculum Associates" has generously donated it for us to give to one of you!! Folks, this is a $339.00 value!! Now this one definitely makes us just a wee bit jealous!  (Our apologies, but this one is for U.S. residents only) a Rafflecopter giveaway And now it's time for a............... FREEBIE HOP!
Check out a sample of my Kindergarten Daily Warm Ups! Then, enter for your chance to win my September Daily Warm Ups! OR, if you are feeling eager, you can purchase my new Daily Warm Up BUNDLE - 20% off the regular price! It's like getting 2 months for free!

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