Look What I Made (You Won't Be Disappointed...*hint hint*)


I wanted to make sure I posted again so I could share with you some of my "crafts." Oh, and freebies :)

I was a busy bee once I got home, after being a busy bee in my classroom. I finally got my Teacher's Toolbox in the mail today (shortly after posting about it this morning actually!), and could not wait to get my labels in!
 So I realized I don't really know how to use Mod Podge. I thought it was self-explanatory. I resad the directions on the Labels I purchased, and decided to just have-at-it. Then, with my brush in the goo, and my labels all cut out, I realized I wasn't sure of my next step. I put the Mod Podge on the front of the label and adhered it to the inside of the drawer. It looked weird. Maybe I used too much. I decided to just tape the labels until I can get myself some Glue Dots. So far, it's holding up. Plus - it's really adorable!

 I did decide to use Mod Podge on this little fella. This came in the mail last week, but I didn't get around to making this until today. I used some scrapbook paper and taped it together (after "measuring" it to fit in the space). This one looked better than when I used Mod Podge on the label. I think I used too much of it on the label. It's a sad day when you realize you are not as crafty as you thought you were... Oh well.

My mom found this on the side of the road (score!) but the edges were a little warn. I didn't feel like painting it, so I decided to just put some funky Duct tape on it. I'd seen this on Pinterest for the past couple of weeks, and decided to try it. After getting the tape caught in my hair, wrapped around my fingers, and wasting about half a roll, I created this. It's not perfect, but that makes me like it even more :)

I also created a few Freebies for you! They are a supplement to Part III of the Teaching Reading Series, but can be used with any reading curriculum. I especially love the Making Mental Images worksheet - I love teaching visualization skills and this is such an easy way to assess student's visualization!

I'm also throwing a FLASH FREEBIE!!! I love these - because it gets my rating up (hopefully), while still offering some freebies to my fellow teachers and bloggy friends :). Today's Flash Freebie is...

This product is originally $3.00! Who knows how long this will be free for, so act fast! 

As always, I would really appreciate some feedback for this product. Just 30 seconds of your time for a free resource. Seems fair to me...

Enjoy the freebies! I'm off the bed so I can get up early for Day 3 in the classroom!


  1. Your toolbox and pencil holders are too cute!

    1. Thanks! I'm not super crafty, but I am proud of these bad boys :)

  2. Cute toolkit!

    May I ask where you found the pencil dispenser on line?

    1. I bought it off of Amazon. I believe it was $24 when I purchased it, but I've heard it has gone up since then... I wanted an acrylic one so I could decorate it - they are actually cheaper than the metal ones! Good luck :)

  3. I've been wanting to make one too! Great job on yours! It looks FAB!! :D



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