Halloween Movies for Scaredy Cats

Happy Halloween!

I'm popping in to give you a list of the most "scaredy cat-friendly" Halloween movies...For people like me...People who are afraid of everything. And I mean everything.

Some of these are family-friendly (Charlie Brown) while others are not (I'm looking at your Idle Hands). Either way, these are the Halloween movies that I can stand to watch. This doesn't mean you won't find them scary (Shaun of the Dead is scary as hell, but made it to the list because I've seen it enough times to not be as scared) and it doesn't mean you won't find me a little lame for suggesting them (Zombieland). There are kid-friendly movies that most people add to these types of lists, such as the "kid" movie, The Witches (heck no - SO freaking scary), and campy movies such as Nightmare on Elm Street (are you kidding me? A man coming to me in my dreams to kill me?! No freaking way!) or Dawn of the Dead (nothing with the word Dead in it, unless it's a spoof, and even then it's super scary).

Family-Friendly Halloween Playlist

So now, for the family-friendly folks, I've created a playlist that you can share with your loved ones for Halloween. Just make sure to play the "adult" one once the Trick-or-Treaters are in bed!

(So, Time Warp has some questionable…motives... so what? Kids don't pick up on that!)

Any other songs your kids love? What would you add?


Happy Halloween, You Nonconformist! A Playlist for the Cool Kids

Who is sick of The Monster Mash? Okay, no one, because it's great. But if you are looking for some unconventional, spooky music to impress your friends, check out the playlist I created below. Some of these songs are well-known and classics (Psycho Killer and Don't Fear the Reaper), others are remakes (This is Halloween and Down With the Sickness), some are super creepy (Country Death Song and Come to Daddy), while some are just plain bizarre (Werewolf Bar Mitzvah - extra credit if you know what this is from!). 
*Warning: These are NOT family friendly! Not only can the lyrics be crass, but the meaning behind some songs are…well, freaking terrifying. Best for an adult party (paired with scary movies and Bloody Sucker Cocktails).

If you notice, Misfits are on the playlist twice. They could be on 5 more times. They are creeptastic. Also, if you would love another Nightmare Before Christmas remake, check out Fiona Apple's cover of Sally's Song. My FAVE (but wasn't available on Spotify. Boo)

Are there any other spooky scary songs that make you think of Halloween? Share your faves below!


Double-Duty Workout Gear: From the Studio to the Office!

Happy Hump Day!

So we all know that we need to work out. We've all heard these motivational quotes: "It's only 4% of your day!" and "You won't regret that workout!" and "There are 1,440 minutes in a day - you can spend 30 minutes on exercise!" But, let's be real. It does take longer than 30 minutes. You have to plan in order to get it in! It can be as simple as heading outside and going for a brisk walk, but often, it's not.

I'm always looking for ways to cut down my time getting ready, especially pre- and post-workout. I've even been trying to figure out ways to get to the gym during my lunch hour, without spending half my time changing for my workout and getting ready to head back to the office. That's why I've been searching for the perfect double-duty gear to take you from the office to the gym (and back - depending on how sweaty you get!).

I've created this collection of individual workout items for you to pair with different styles to make it office-friendly. I've provided some suggestions for how to style some pieces to take you from the studio to the streets! Some of the styles are less "office-friendly", especially if you are in the corporate world. But most, if not all, of these styles are perfect for a more casual work environment, and most definitely for your weekend activities!

Hopefully these styles will get you motivated to go workout and give your that extra time in your day for some "you" time!

Click through the slideshow to find your next fave find!


Easy Like Sunday Morning #2

Today's Sunday morning jam is from Jaymay. Ah-mazing.



TBT: My Last Attempt at Happiness as a Classroom Teacher

Morbid, but true. This post, dated back in March, was my last hurrah at attempting something resembling happiness as a behavior teacher in the classroom. As many of you know, I left the classroom to accept a job as a behavior analyst for a mental health agency, currently contracted through the state department. It is a completely different setting, with a completely different population, and a complete different set of challenges, but I love it. My throwback post today is a reminder of where I was last March. A reminder of how unhappy I was. A reminder at how disorganized the administration was, while I was barely keeping my head above water, thrashing about asking for help. That being said, the post is also a reminder of how hopeful I was, how eager I was, how thankful I was to finally feel as though I was getting some support. Well, we know that just a couple of months later, I had had enough, and resigned from teaching. But that's a story for another day...

Easy Like Sunday Morning #1

Good Morning Mates!

In an effort to be more reliable in my posts (sorry!), I've decided to merge my love for music (usually Indie, easy, and relaxing tunes) and restful Sundays by providing you with a weekly post. A single, soothing song for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think!

For real - I'm obsessed with this song (well, everything by Rilo Kiley) and have been for a while. I just love it so much, I have to share. It's my civic duty.



TBT: I've Been BOO-ed!

I was BOO-ed 2 years ago (twice actually) and I'm back to remind you of the fun Halloween stuff I loved and the great blogs I BOO-ed as well :)

This original post was from October 14, 2012
I am so giddy :)! I have just been BOO-ed! I've seen this neat idea on Pinterest where people "BOO" each other at work, in their neighborhoods etc. But I am so excited to be a part of the blog-version of this fun, original game!

Special thanks to Laura from TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students for the BOO! Please make sure you check out her fun, inspirational blog :)

Time for the fun part!

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