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I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my fellow teachers for hosting and participating in such a great sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers. The loyalty of our followers and hard work from all the teacher sellers is so remarkable! I count my blessings every day that I have a community like this to participate in. A BIG THANK YOU to those who purchased any of my products during the sale - YOU are the reason I make these things, so I'm glad to see others enjoy my work! I got some very very wonderful feedback from some teachers on my store and am so grateful :)

In my post yesterday, after bragging about my goodies, I mentioned that I would be updating my popular Common Core Checklists in the near future. Well, the future is here people! That's right. I found myself with a LOT of extra time yesterday and today, and finished updating both my K-2 Math and K-2 ELA checklists. Now, this product  not only contains the checklists you know and love, but also includes pages to track the standards taught in your classroom, and dates each standard or strand was mastered. This is a simple addition that has BIG results! After utilizing these checklists in my own teacher binder, I realized I wanted to also track the dates I taught or focused on these standards for my own data collection. Thus, I decided to enhance an already popular product. Take a peek at the images below for a closer look!

Is not blurry in the actually document...

If you have purchased this product from my store, please download the update for free! I have increased the price, due to the additional resources and it being double the size! So, if you purchased this when it was just 2.50, you are in luck! You are now getting a steal!

I've also been hard at work creating, laminating, and cutting for my own classroom.

I got this nifty thing last week and couldn't wait to use it! I printed out my new Behavior Clip Chart and Classroom Material Cards and laminated them for the school year.
Just a cool-looking close up, post-lamination :)
I also made a stop at the Dollar Tree to pick up some materials for my class (considering I don't have any...nor do I have a classroom budget. To the Dollar Store!)
Look at all these goodies: Bingo Daubers, giant dice, calculators, activity books, stickers, dry erase markers, bath sponge (see below for the "why"), school supplies (paper, folders, & sheet protectors), cleaning wipes, paper towels, and assorted ziplock-type bags. Score!

So, I like the baby-sock idea for erasing white boards (especially for the Littles) but how cute are these little bath pads. Soft and heart-shaped?! Can't get more precious than that! (unless maybe if it was in the shape of a cat :P)
 My favorite of the activity books I bought are these Picture Find books. I have a bunch of Where's Waldo books, but sadly, those are becoming irrelevant ("Mrs. Wallace, who is Waldo?"). I love using these types of books during instruction, especially for writing tasks, such as when we study parts of speech. I have lots of graphic organizers and templates I use with these types of books, so I'm glad I scooped these up.
See...the kids love 'em! (not my kid...the boy I nanny for)

On a separate trip, I bought this gem. I saw on an Instagram post that Michael's had it marked down to $30.00, so I immediately (I'm not exaggerating) raced over there to pick one up. I promised my self I was going in JUST to get this, and miraculous I kept my promise. I was momentarily distracted by the rubber stamps, but my will power persevered and I made it out in under 5 minutes. It's a miracle!

I am in the process of finishing supply labels for this cart. I know other teachers use this in their classroom - what do you all use it for?

I attempted to post this pic on Sunday on my Instagram. However, Instagram wouldn't let me. In fact, it hasn't let me upload any pictures for days! When I open the camera feature, it simply shuts the app down. I'm able to view Instagram photos, like them, and leave comments, but I can't add any pictures! I've deleted the app, re-downloaded it, logged out, updated the app, restarted my phone. everything! It's so frustrating!
Any suggestions?

And now for some cute pictures of animals:
 Lucy the fashionista
 Lucy the Lazy Bones
 Fred in a Pile of Paws
 Chester my Chunka-Munk
Auntie Mira and Niece Lucy on a leisurely walk by the Mystic River :)


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