Incriminating Photos!

I am not the most organized individual. I have to work very hard to keep my life orderly and clutter-free. However, I understand the importance of teaching others how to maintain sanity and order in their life through organization. WHich is why I have begun to make clutter and disorganization ILLEGAL in my classroom! not illegal, but I have begun to have fun with this idea with my kiddos. I take pictures around my classroom of clutter and mess, paste them on the white board and direct the students to the "Incriminating Photos" found around the classroom. 

Exhibit A: The Bad Kitty bin is a wreck!

Exhibit B: Books on the floor?! How can that be?

Exhibit C: Not the Angry Birds!

Exhibit D: What a disaster!
As soon as these photos are seen, my detectives get to work to right the wrongs! It certainly keeps my room spotless :)

Crazy Bag Lady?

Yes. Yes I am...

This is what I lug back and forth every day from work. Excessive? Maybe. Worth it to see all my hardwork pay off when my kids are learning and experiencing? Absolutely!


My First Currently!

Created my first Currently. Thanks to Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade!


Back in Action!

Oh hi there, 18 months later!

I've taken a lengthy hiatus from all things blog-related. I have since been promoted to a head classroom teaching position in the same special needs school in Boston, am continuing my M.Ed at Simmons College in Behavioral Education (2 more semesters!), and am planning my wedding for June 2013! Looking forward to the next 9 months for sure!

I have taken my semi-new promotion very seriously! I have been going to lots of different trainings in the past 18 months, created lots of original teaching and classroom materials, and have focused a lot of my attention on teaching literacy and school readiness skills to my kiddos. Stay tuned for uploads and pictures of my creations!

Here is a sample of my handiwork:

How to Pick a Book Anchor Chart

I *love* my anchor chart. I found one similar on Pinterest that I adapted so I could have it all on one piece of chart paper, and so the picture was one large view. It took my about an hour to create, but it was totally worth it. Then, when I went to laminate it, I realized my chart paper did not fit in the machine!!! After a mild panic attack, I decided to cut beneath the title, laminate them separately, then tape them back together with clear box tape. You can't even tell!

I paired this poster with a couple of mini-lessons on how to choose Just Right Books. I modeled myself reading a book that was too easy (a picture book), too hard (a medical textbook), and just right (Harry Potter). We then practiced choosing books from our classroom library (pictures to come from that project as well!). The kids have really used the strategies to determine Just Right Books and I am so proud!

Until next time,

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