Easy Like Sunday Morning #16

Love-sick? Sick of love? Drunk in love? Punch Drunk Love? How about this one…


Happy Valentine's Day!

Morning friends!

In the midst of this cold, snowy February, I'm trying to find peace and love. It's hard to love anything when I'm up to my knees in snow, (um, seriously. Have you seen the weather reports for New Englanders?) but love is in the air. You don't have to be a Valentine's Day supporter to appreciate the sentiment of celebrating love. That's why I leave you with a love-filled playlist to celebrate the love in your life, whoever or whatever that may be.



Valentine's Blog Hop: Sweet Treats for You!

Hey all! Welcome to Day 13 of the Special Education Valentine Blog Hop! This blog hop is all about supporting you Special Ed Bloggers and getting a sweet Valentine's treat. It doesn't get much better than that :)

I'm so excited that it is finally my day! AND Friday the 13th no less (which excites me too). Today I'm going to discuss a little bit about a classroom resource I am IN LOVE with and used frequently with my special needs kiddos. I will also be providing a specific freebie for this resource, as well as providing a ONE-DAY ONLY Freebie. Keep reading to get all the goodies!

Flash Sale!

Happy Hump Day friends!

Here in Boston, we've been out of work/school for what seems like months (read: at least 2 snow days per week for the last 3 weeks). For those of you still attending school (I joke…sorta) check out this FLASH SALE I'm having on my Valentine's-themed products! And for my Bostonians - if you can manage to get anything done this week, try some of these activities for your littles.


Easy Like Sunday Morning #15

Good morning friends! Listen to this catchy tune to warm up your February morning :)



Easy Like Sunday Morning #14

Rabbit Rabbit! Really loving the upbeat, catchiness of this tune today.



Valentine's Blog Hop: Treats for You!

Good morning friends!

Today is the day! 28 Special Ed Bloggers (including myself) are sharing 28 Sweet Valentine Treats each day throughout February (starting today with The Bender Bunch!

A clickable blog hop image will remain at the top of my blog throughout the month. All you have to do is visit my blog each day and click on the next secret envelope on the corresponding date!

Enjoy this awesome blog hop and make sure to check back each day for the next freebie from the next blogger :)

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