Holy Hiatus, Batman!

Morning Ya'll,

So yes, I know that last time I said I would be better about posting, but alas...here we are. You would think that once I finished grad school, life would be a breeze, no? Well, as it turns out, the end of the school year was going to be so chaotic! Who knew?! (jk...I did). Oh right..and my wedding is is 17 days...

 It is still the end of the year (17 more days! and if you notice above...the last day of school is on my wedding day...more about that at another time), so there is still lots to be done. This includes preparing portfolios, returning materials, writing awards, and, oh yeah - cleaning out my classroom, announcing to my kids I am leaving, and finding a new job. Did I forget to mention that? Oops.

Yes, I am onto phase 2 of my professional journey - I have finished graduate school with a Masters in Behavioral Education, thus I am currently searching for positions more suitable for my educational expertise, and interests. I hope to have a job lined up by the end of the school year so I can at least tell my kids where I am going - but that is becoming less likely as the year progresses. I will keep you posted...

Well, just wanted to update y'all on my attempts at blogging again. I will be blogging again soon (yes...soon).

Until next time...

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