What a glorious Monday!

On Friday evening on June 21, 2013, I got married! It was such a magical night full of romance, dancing, fun, and a castle. I could not have asked for a more perfect day to marry my other half.
Walking down the aisle with my father :)
Exchanging our rings
Our first dance: Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life
Me with my beautiful bridesmaids!
The day started out with getting ready with my girls and preparing for the big event ahead of us! I made a wedding day timeline on Publisher with funky fonts and wedding-themed clip art, to make sure everyone knew the plan!
Naturally, I don't have the pictures yet, but I took some with my phone, pre- and post-wedding:

The night before: Last minute crafts!
Packing up the car!
Morning of: Bride and Groom Starbucks run!
Morning of: Bridal Breakfast :)
Before hair and makeup
After hair and makeup
One of my beautiful bridesmaids
Post-Wedding: Bus Ride Back to the Hotel!
My bouquet, centerpieces, husbands boutonniere, and a teacup decor :)
Letters to the Bride, made by my beautiful sister (MOH) and all of my wonderful bridesmaids, my mother in-law, my mother, and my husband! I read this before the ceremony with tears in my eyes

Post Wedding: I bound all of our wedding cards and created this little book. Pinterest!
I wouldn't change anything about our wedding. It was the most magical day of my life. As my husband said: "I have a new favorite day of my life."

Now off to pack for Hawaii!!


It's June {and My Birthday}! Time for Giveaways, Currentlys, and All Around Fun!

Morning Ya'll

Happy June! This post is going to be a long one because I have lots to share! First off - today is my birthday! Want to win something from my store, just for me turning older? Comment below on which item you would like from my store, and I will choose 2 winners - announced tomorrow morning!

I got this meme posted on my Facebook wall by one of my friends - how sweet :)
Now - onto my June post:

I have linked up with Farley's Currently for this month! Also, during my hiatus, I missed the May one, but decided to do it anyway. You can find that one below too :)

Here is my June Currently:

listening - With my wedding being 19 days away - I have really stepped up the wedding day vibes. I have been listening to my Wedding Mix for months now - especially recently. I have been making Monthly playlists and have burned a monthly cd for The FiancĂ© on the 21st of each month -- corresponding with the number of months left until our big day (June 21st!). During this post, I am listening to "Stuck on You" by Meiko. Check out this fun song via her YouTube video:

loving - For my birthday, The Fiance bought me a yearly gym membership to his gym, LA Fitness. I have a gym membership at a local gym in my town, but I HATE it! It served it purpose for a while - you know, having a space to run on a treadmill and space to do strength training and stretches. But more recently, it has become unbearable to work out there! The air quality is terrible (no good for someone with asthma, like me!), and they have completely taken away the stretching area to make room for MMA style workout center that you have to pay additional fees to use! As a result, I have gone to the gym much less frequently, and just started working out after work outside, but now with the hot, hot summer approaching, I haven't really been able to do that either! Fiance to the rescue! I went on a gym pass with him for a week, and fell in love with his gym (HUGE gym, bright, great air quality, basketball court, sauna, pool...the list goes on!). Then, on Friday after work, he surprised me with an early birthday gift - LA Fitness key tag :) I was so eager to use it, but couldn't, because it was late, and the next day was my Tough Mudder...I'm planning on going later this afternoon to use to pool as an easy exercise after the grueling course yesterday!

thinking - There's a lot I could be doing right now. I think my day will go as follows: finish this post, screw around on the Internet for an additional 45 minutes, go swimming at my new gym, hit the sauna, write thank you cards for the wedding shower gifts, prep my lunches for the week, plan my lesson plans for the week, stretch, go to bed early! We will see :)

wanting - I'm on the job hunt (read below) and I would like to secure my position in the next couple of weeks so I can tell my kiddos where I'm headed (and why). This is a "want" for now...hopefully it doesn't turn into a "need"

needing - While I've done A LOT of stuff in the last week (got our marriage license, got our wedding bands, reserved our rehearsal dinner location, finalized the photographer and DJ), there is still a lot to do! I'm hoping to get these done in the next week...because I really don't have much longer than that!

3 vacay essentials - There is nothing more summery than wearing a sundress, with a beautiful hat and sun screen. I'm a huge hat person - if I could wear hats in school, I totally would every day! There's something so stylish about wearing a hat as the perfect accessory to a summer outfit. I just love it! You will find me all summer long lounging around in my summer dresses, sun hats (wide brim, bucket hats, fedoras, etc.) and 30+ spf sunscreen :)

Here is my belated May Currently:

listening - Yes, I feel like a Disney Princess. The sounds of the chirps are so relaxing, and paired with the warm late Spring breeze, it's near paradise. :)

loving - My all-time FAVORITE food is watermelon. I just can't get enough. My tummy doesn't always love me for it, but I deal. There is nothing better than a juicy, sweet watermelon on a hot summer day. Or even a juicy, sweet watermelon in a chilly classroom. It's always a good time for watermelon!

thinking - There is so much to do!!! Today alone we are going up to get our marriage license, book the rehearsal dinner, picking up our bands, and finalizing everything with the photographer. When we get home, I need to schedule a final meeting with the florist and finalize our menu for the reception. Then, there's still the matter of the shuttle transportation between the Castle and the hotel, making all of the wedding reception decor, putting together the seating arrangements, picking out shoes for the bridesmaids, making the escort cards, the list of on, and on!!!!

wanting - I've been on a few interviews and have my name into several school districts. I hope (fingers crossed!) that I can have an idea of what I will be doing with my time next year before the end of this school year, so that I can tell my kiddos something about why I am leaving. Either way, the sun has set on my time in Room 120, and I am moving onto other endeavors. I hope this transition can happen smoothly, for both me, and the kids.

needing - So I've decided to cut back on caffeine. Silly me, thinking this would be an easy task. I've had a headache for 2 days - but I'm sticking to my guns and NOT drinking caffeine this week! My Tough Mudder is this weekend, and I want to be as alert and refreshed as possible - don't need caffeine weighing me down! Also, caffeine is very dehydrating, and I need all the hydration I can get, as this weekend is going to be in the 90s! Also, with all the stress of job hunting and wedding stuff, I just need some cuddle time -- too bad I don't have any time for it!

summer bucket list - 1. HONEYMOON (duh) - we are going to MAUI!!!! I've never been to Hawaii before (despite my baby sister living there for the last 4 years), and we are so excited for this adventure. Not only is it freaking Hawaii, but it's our first vacation as a married couple - which we are both so eager to share together :) 2. Prepare for a new career - So obviously you all know that I am currently searching for a new job. I wouldn't necessarily call it a new career I am searching for - but if the stars align just right, I will be in a similar, yet different field - Behavior Analysis. I will be sitting for the BCBA exam in August, and will be looking for BCBA jobs in the area. I will also be looking for special education jobs, particularly if I'm having trouble nailing a BCBA job (as I technically will not be certified until after the exam in August, provided I pass). Either way, this summer will be devoted to preparing for which ever career I end up in next year. 3. Relax - this was the most busy year of my life so far! Between running my own classroom, planning a wedding, and finishing up graduate school, I feel like I haven't had a break all year. Each school break was an opportunity to get ahead in grad school. Each college break was an opportunity for me to devote all of my time on classroom work. And when I was caught up in both - I spent that time focusing on the wedding. I cannot WAIT until all is said and done and I can just R-E-L-A-X!

To link up for this month's currently, check out Farley's fabulous link up below! Remember the rule of 3!!

Now, onto my June Goals:

personal - This being my first summer off, I have so many organization products planned! I want to reorganize the kitchen! I want to paint the bathroom and add shelving units! I want to reorganize the den to be a meditation sanctuary and workout room! I want to reorganize all of my classroom storage! So much to do -- but I have a month and a half right?

family - The fiancé and I create a summer bucket list together each year. These lists include things that we want to do together during the summer such as weekly tennis matches, trips to new beaches, having a picnic, go on a whale watch, etc. This year he will be my HUSBAND, and I can't wait to share this experience with him for the 8th year together :)

health - With my new membership in hand, and a love for the facility, I hope that I will continue being a regular gym rat. With the hot weather approaching, I can foresee myself not wanting to go sweat indoors, but I hope I can be creative with my motivation so I can stay svelte after the wedding :)

school - So can you tell that finding a new job is on my mind?

blog/tpt - I have been MIA on TPT even LONGER than my blog - can you believe it? Well, as a result I want to get back into making useful resources for teachers this summer.

read - I don't just one book lined up, but a pile on my summer reading list. I couldn't decide on just one, so I decided I would just put "read for fun" because that is my plan :)

To link up with I {heart} Recess for this great goal-oriented linky, click the pic below!

I {Heart} Recess

I've also decided to join Ms. BBZ on her quest for fitness! I am joining the Instagram "Photo A Day" (aka PAD) Challenge, as well as My Fitness Pal community. Read more about each below:

Instagram #PADFitness: This Photo-A-Day challenge is super fun and easy. Just take a photo for each day you do one of this challenges on the calendar below. You can join the challenge at any point! Add me on Instagram for my #PADFitness posts! @mindfulrambles

MyFitnessPal: I've been on MyFitnessPal for a while, but haven't had any friends on it (boohoo). I've decided to join this fun community via my blog to find some friendly motivators! Join me on this FABULOUS app - search my email: rachaelaschauer@gmail.com or search my name: sk1m086 (thats a one and a zero).

And finally, some great giveaways to check out:

Well, I'm off to get on my bathing suit so I can do my rejuvenating swim and post my pic on my Instagram :)

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