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Happy Saturday!

I'm so excited to share my latest review with you. It is from the company Firmoo, which provides people all of the world with inexpensive eyeglasses or frames. You can choose prescription eyeglasses, reading glasses, or nonprescription frames to accessorize your favorite looks :)

I saw a review from another blogger about Firmoo, and was eager to check them out. So it was much to my surprise that Antonio from the Blog Team at Firmoo contacted me regarding doing my own review for the company! After confirming my interest in doing a review for them, Firmoo sent me a special link so I could pick the frames/styles I wanted. They have a terrific feature on their site called the Virtual Try-On System, in which you can view what the frames look like on many different types of models, or you can upload your own picture to get an idea of what they would look like on you! I uploaded a photo I took with my webcam, and got a pretty good idea of which frames complimented my face, and which did not.

After I chose my frames, I had to input my prescription. This was a painless process, once I got my prescription from my eye doctor. It was a nightmare to get them to release my prescription (trying to get me to come back in and purchase glasses from them). After a couple of weeks (yes, weeks!), I was able to finally come back to my saved frames on Firmoo, and input my information. This was very user-friendly. I was a little intimidated when the site asked for my Pupillary Distance (PD), because that wasn't on my prescription. However, they provide you with a little link so you can figure this out on your own (provided you do not need bifocals or progressive lenses, as they recommend having a professional measure this for you). I measured it in front of the mirror, and was nervous that I wasn't exact, but since I have received the glasses and have been wearing them non-stop, nothing is amiss.

Once I input all of the necessary information, I responded to Antonio to let him know that I had input my info, which he had asked me to do. Within a week, I had my new glasses in hand! I was so excited to come home yesterday to a package waiting on my door step! I immediately ripped the sucker open and tried them on.

This is what came in my package (minus the glasses tool, because I accidentally left it in the box until after I took this picture and uploaded it!)
At first glance:
I thought they would be a bit bigger on my face, but I really like how they look now that I have gotten used to my new look. I looked back on the website at the Virtual Try-On System, and realized that the glasses looked the same on my face in the picture, as they did in real life, so that was my bad.

I bought the matte finish on the frames, which the image of this does not do its justice. I wasn't sure what I was purchasing when I decided to go for matte, but thought I'd give it a whirl. I wasn't sure how I felt about it when I received them. I second-guessed my decision, thinking I should have gone with the traditional glossy finish. However, after wearing them around last night and throughout the day today, I realize how much I like them. I think they look unique and stylish! I'm sticking by my decision!

The frames themselves, just due to their shape, are bulkier than my previous frames. I think this will take some getting used to. Also, the top curvature of the frames are not as close to my face as my previous frames, so I can feel more air traveling through toward my eyes. However, I don't think this is any fault of the design, nor the frames themselves. I think I just need to get used to these frames.

Easy to use
Lots of options
Virtual Try-On System
Comes with two cases, an eyeglass tool, and a cloth for cleaning

Picture of frames does not really match the real-life image

Overall, I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for inexpensive, fashionable frames. I have been wanting a second pair of eyeglasses, for those emergency situations in which I can't find my other ones, and I have always wanted a pair in this style! I will absolutely be using this service again in the future for my own glasses as well!

Here are some more pics of me in my new specs. Tell me what you think!

Looks good for a night on the town, and for a morning of Vinyasa yoga! And no, I can never just smile.

Now it is your chance to check out this great service! Due to my participation in this review, I am able to offer the First Pair Free Program for my readers! Just click here and you get to try your choice of glasses for FREE by paying shipping only!


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  1. They really suit you.The frames must be totally black for the thick frames to be stylish. Frames For Glasses


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