End-of-the-Quarter Sale! + Autism Awareness Month

"Hoppy" Easter Y'all!

See what I did there? How creative am I, right?

I am throwing a Last-Minute: Get Your Stuff and Teach, End-of-the Quarter Sale! Hop over to my store to stock up on some last minute items you have had your eye on - everything is 20% off! Make sure, if you do purchase something, you provide feedback so you can earn TpT credits toward future purchases :)
Thanks to Creative Clips for the great border, and to Kevin and Amanda for the adorable fonts!


I'd also like to remind you that April is Autism Awareness Month! On Tuesday, April 2nd, its Light it Up Blue Day to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. On this day, please wear blue clothing, and encourage your friends and families to do the same. Considering purchasing blue light bulbs from Home Depot or Walmart, to really light it up blue! Also, you can blog, tweet, and/or Facebook about it! Maybe change your profile picture to the Light it Up Blue logo. Grab yours below!

CHeck out these great resources for ways to incorporate Autism Awareness Month into your classroom:

Also, in September, I will be running to Allstate 13.1 Marathon for the Team Up! with Autism Speaks Team! I did this last year, my first half marathon ever, and it was an amazing experience! I raised over $500 for Autism research!
2012 Allstate 13.1 Marathon! Note the Team Up! for Autism tank! 
Now, I gotta go get ready for my Easter dinner with the fiance's fam. Enjoy your holiday if you celebrate!


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  1. I love that you love to run too!! I'm running the Allstate 13.1 as well, but in June in Chicago! :)

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