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Happy March Y'all!

Can you believe it?! I certainly can't. February flew by...but don't worry. March will draaaaaaag on. In our district (most likely all of New England), our vacations are in February and April. We have NOTHING in March (maybe Good Friday, if you are lucky, but that is not until the end of the month). Plus, after a short month like February, 31 days feels like a lifetime. Also, in my experience with the dreaded month of March, not only are there no holidays or days to look forward to, but its usually filled with that yucky, dirty, slushy snow that makes my car look like it's suffering from a flesh-eating disease. At least I got Farley's Currently to look forward to :)

Listening -- If you are a fan of indie-rock, check out The Vaccines! I adore their album What Did You Expect From the Vaccines? -- It is fun, catchy, and darn good.

Loving -- So while I always love blogging, I am finding that recently, I have fallen even deeper in love with it. Not only do I love posting about my classroom or new products, but even more than that I love finding new blogs, helping new bloggers, and getting new ideas and/or gaining information from veteran bloggers and teachers. Every morning I read my Blogger Dashboard to read the most recent posts. I love it (maybe a bit too much...I do have other things I have to do with my life...)

Thinking -- So I have been a part of Diet Bet games for the past 2 months. I love it because it really holds me accountable for my weight loss, and also pressures me to go to the gym (in a good way) because I heart money, and don't want to lose it. Thursday evening I had class and didn't get home until 9, so going to the gym was out of the question. Yesterday, I had full intentions for going to the gym, however all day I was feeling weird and dizzy. I was also having a weird chest pain (yes I know...I should probably get that checked out if it continues), so when I came home, I just folded myself onto the couch and immediately fell asleep. I woke up to eat dinner (mmm...Enchiladas), but immediately after eating, I brushed my teeth to return to bed. I slept from 9 pm to 10 am this morning. Clearly, I needed the rest. Well, as a result of the last 2 days, I know I should get my rear in gear and head to the gym. I have the rest of the day right?

Wanting -- So as you may know, I am getting married in June. While I have done most of the big planning, the Fiance and I need to book our honeymoon! You would think that this would be the fun, easy part, but you know how expensive this thing is going to be? Yuck. As I mentioned above, I heart money, especially because I have so little, so it's really hard for me to justify spending all my money on some extravagant vacation. I's a once in a life time experience, and where we want to go (Hawaii) is also most likely a once in a lifetime experience. It will get done, and I know I will love every second of it....I just need to get the ball rolling and think of all the amazing experiences I will have when we go.

Needing -- My Keurig broke (!) and I'm very upset about it. I've had the thing for a couple of years, but wasn't using it everyday until recently. Even though I had a fabulous machine to make my coffee for close to nothing, I was still buying coffee everyday from Dunkin' Donuts. I was telling myself that I just LOVE the coconut flavor, but haven't found any comparable at-home flavor or creamer I could use. That is, until recently. Earlier this year, I found CoffeeMate's Coconut Creme Creamer at my local grocer, and I immediately fell in love!
 So, I pretty much stopped buying coffee at Dunks for the past 2 months, until earlier this week when I found out my Keurig was not turning on! After a mild panic attack, I decided to try to plug it in to a different outlet. Well, no such luck. Still wasn't turning on... boo.

Well, back to what I am needing right now...COFFEE. As a result of the above issue, I have been spending my non-existent money on iced coffee, including this morning. I sucked this bad boy down in record time, and now am feeling bummed. I need another!

Like, Love, Hate -- I enjoy me a Rum and Diet Coke when I head out with friends for drinks. I'm not a beer person, now am I a frozen drink person (unless of course it is a margarita, and I only want one, and I don't want to eat either, because those things are heavy!). I have found that it is one lower calorie drink I can stand (read: Gin is the most vile alcoholic liquid to have ever touched my lips). Well, not just "stand" but "like". Plus it's easy to order, and I don't have to worry about asking if they have the ingredients.
I {love} my fiancé Rich (shocking right?) It's convenient that he and I have the same first initial (actually first 2 initials), and after June 21st, we will have the all of the same initials (RAW)! Rich is the rock in my life that keeps me grounded and supports me throughout all of my endeavors. I couldn't ask for a more supportive partner in life, and am reminded everyday of all the reasons why I love him <3
I hate raisins....i don't even know why anyone likes them, or can even tolerate them. I think the texture is yucky, the color is pukeish, and the flavor is gross. I can't even eat things with raisins in them. Every once and a while our school provides raisins for snack. I am reminded how nasty those things are when a student is struggling with the huge glob of sticky, wrinkly raisins stuck to the bottom of their mini-box. Blech!
If you want to link up with Farley's Currently, you should! It's loads of fun, and quite easy :) Also, remember the Rule of 3!



  1. Go to Hawaii! It is wonderful!! I'm getting married there in August. But I live on the west coast so it is a lot closer. Have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear about your Keurig - if ours broke, my hubby might have a meltdown :) It's his favorite toy!

    I got married in 2011 and definitely know what you mean about how expensive honeymoons are. We went to the Cayman Islands and could probably have never afforded it (or we could have gotten there, but then not been able to eat or site-see the entire time!) if we hadn't bought a timeshare from a family friend. They have two yearly time shares and they let us buy one of their vacation weeks. It was an awesome package - and we got to stay for 10 days for only 700 bucks! Maybe ask around to see if anyone you know has a time share they won't be using this year ?!? You can go pretty much anywhere, depending on their plan. for thought :)

    Hi guys!

    Ahh yes, silence is golden. And rare. At lunch, I sometimes come back to my classroom after dropping off my kiddos, turn off the lights, turn on my cute little NYC desk lamp, and just sit and enjoy the quiet for a couple minutes. Then it's off to running around, preparing supplies, making last-minute copies, chatting with co-workers, and snorfing down a sandwich, but at least I've had those couple of minutes to re-focus and re-energize :)

    Congratulations on 300 - can't wait for the giveaway!

    Joy in the Journey

  3. We only had three days to get away for our honeymoon. We splurged a bit and made the most of it though - and I'm glad we did! Good luck!

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