Sunday Funday (not) + Visual Plans

Hi Y'all,

So, I've been feeling pretty blah all weekend, and I'm finally starting to feel myself again. Why, oh why, does it have to be Sunday?

My exciting plan for the day:

  • Continue work on my Research Project
  • Create my plans for the week
  • Make my writing rubric
  • Make lunches and dinners for the week

No fun. None. That's not to say these things aren't important, or shouldn't occur on my Sunday, I just wish I could have finished some of these items yesterday instead of sleeping the day away. Oh well...

As I attempt to liven up this otherwise boring day, I will update you on some giveaways happening now:

Closing the a Cute Outfit is hosting another fabulous giveaway! Check it out (if not because you want to win Teacher loot, then because  you could win a personalized scarf!)

Kickin' it in Kindergarten is hosting a 101 Follower Giveaway, excuse me, MEGA giveaway!

In other news, I have linked up again with Mrs. Wills for her great Visual Plans link-up!

After last week's debacle with the visual plans (I CAN'T seem to figure out how to allow clickable plans on a pdf for my visual plans - I usually can!), I am uploading them as Docs to my Google Drive. Click the images below to visit my visual plans with (hopefully) clickable activities and freebies!

A couple of notes about my visual plans for the week:

  • The National Geographic Kids site I featured in the beginning part of the week for my Nonfiction Reading time brings you to the general video and/or Creature Feature section. I am using these sites for my kids specific animals: seals, dolphins, sharks, and sea turtles. Then for the Creature Feature section, students are required to complete a corresponding fact sheet I have created. Click the images below for access to that free worksheet:

  • On Monday and Tuesday during my Jump Math time, I am utilizing some of Cara Carroll's AMAZING math center activities as enrichment activities for the end of my lessons. If you haven't already, check out this wonderful resource. It is over 100 pages of wonderful literacy and math centers and assessments. It's geared toward the beginning of the year, but I have been using this resource throughout the year! I highly recommend this product! Please check out her blog as well at The First Grade Parade for even more wonderful teaching ideas and products!
  • During my writing block, I am review parts of speech and am using my co-teachers resource! Erika Tanner has a great store with some great products! She doesn't have much yet, because she's so busy being a wonderful co-teacher, but you should definitely follow her store!
  • For homework on Monday and Thursday I am giving Jump Math homework. Jump Math is a math curriculum from Canada. They provide their curriculum materials for FREE (with the exception of their student workbooks, as they need to be assembled for use). The link goes to the Teacher's Guide for the level I teach in my class (Level I). Below is a what the page will look like. If you want to resources that I am sending home for homework, click the highlighted portion.
It will then bring you to a pdf of some worksheets for the program. The worksheet for Monday's homework is B-85 (p. 37) and Thursday's homework is on B-86 (p.38).
  • If you attempt to go to the TFK homework I have posted for Wednesday's homework, and you are not a TFK subscriber, you will see this page:
However, if you are a member of TFK through your school, you can access the magazine and the corresponding worksheet that I am using for homework (Cheetah article and worksheet).
  • Everything else should be clickable and I think I have identified the freebies throughout the plans.
Let me know if you have any questions or trouble accessing my visual plans. It happened last time, and I'm still new at this! Thanks and enjoy :)


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  1. Your visual plans look great! This week was my first try at them too! After you reading your post, I checked mine & see that the links are not clickable on the pdf. What's up with that? I've never had that happen before! Oh, to try to figure THAT out!

    Primary Inspired


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