Peek at My Week!

I'm late to the party...again :(

Here is a peek at my week (linky)!
If you are interested in linking up, check out Mrs. Wills Kindergarten's weekly linky up for visual plans!

I am still figuring this all out, so bare with me. I haven't figured out how to keep my links after converting my plans to a pdf file. Oh well...

This week is full of FUN! We have out Nonfiction Exhibition on Wednesday, where we are finally showcasing all the hard work we have been doing for the past couple of months. Then, on Friday, we have our Talent Show, which was postponed from last week, due to the snow day on Friday! And, seeing as it is the week before St. Patrick's Day, we have planned a week of literacy games! Some of the games and activities during this week are devoted to St. Patrick's Day, others are just for fun! Take a look at the links from my document in my Share Drive, and check out the great freebies and products I will be using this week!

Thanks to the great border freebies I used in some of the above graphics from Ashley Hughes! Check out these great borders here.



  1. Your visual plans look great. I have wanted to do this but looks like so much work! I just started a sped blog link up on my blog. I hope you’ll stop over and link your sped blog up! Just click on “special education blogs” on my top bar.

    The Bender Bunch

    1. I will say, it is a lot of work! But it does get easier as you get used to it :)

      Thanks for checking out my blog - I will make sure to link up my blog!

  2. Rae, your visual plans are really neat. I'm with Traci and want to do them, but I just can't imagine how much time they would take!
    What a great blog! I am your newest follower and plan to spend some time here! Great resource and I love your Owls!
    Visit me at Teaching By The Sea

    1. They do take a while. Part of how I plan is to make a weekly calendar, similar to the visual plan (minus the pictures), so with practice, I've been able to add pictures and links quickly so it doesn't take as much time. I also really love the end product, so that motivates me to keep at it :)

      Thanks for visiting!


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