Winter Vacation Goals!

So much to much time! It won't seem like so much time when it's over, which means I have got to get started now!

Christmas/Winter Vacation means extra time to get stuff done I can't do during the regular school year. I am looking forward to a much needed break, but also looking forward to getting lots and lots of stuff done (not really fun, but very necessary).
Just in time for such an endeavor, I am linking up with a fun Goals-inprired link-up over at What I Have Learned. Check it out, link up, and make sure to follow her blog too :)
My Goals this break:

  • Clean my house! It is desperate need of a good scrub-down, and it just can't wait until Spring! Each day, I plan to tackle a new room in the house, which will hopefully make it more manageable :)
  • Spend time with friends! My family does not live around here, and I am not seeing them this holiday season. I do however, have friends remaining in the area during this time, and would love to spend lots of time with them. Many of my friends are fellow teachers, so it will be nice and easy to grab a cup of coffee :)
  • Make more products for TpT! I have lots of ideas down on paper, and half completed projects - I just need to complete them and upload them. I think I can...I think I can...
  • Plan my lessons for our week back! Obviously I need to be planned for the first day back, but with all this time on my hands, I'd like to get several days done so I don't have to stress each night once we get back to school.
  • Go to as many exercise classes at my gym as I can! I am not able to go to any classes during the day, for obvious reasons, but with this extra time, I will be able to go to classes I usually miss out on :)

What are your goals for the winter break? I'd love to hear them :)



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