5 for Five & Virtual 5k!!

Hi Y'all!

So technically it's Tuesday, but really, its only like 20 minutes into Tuesday, and I haven't slept yet, so I still count it as Monday

So you know what that means...it's time for 5 for Five, hosted by Jessica from Fantastically Average and Jenn at Party of One!

Let's take a look at last weeks (okay, okay, 3 weeks ago) goals:

The goals that I met are in green. The ones I did not...red.
1. Run my Virtual 5k! Yay! First goal was a success! One step closer to my New Years Resolution of running one race for every month of the year. Check out my post about it here. Next up, my February Race (this Sunday!)
2. Write my IEP by Wednesday evening. Done and done. I reached this goal by my deadline, which was good because I didn't have to worry about it the rest of the week :)3. Book that Photo Booth! I did it! Now I just have to mail in the contract....4. Block out hotel rooms for the wedding! I did this too!5. Figure out a homework incentive for the classroom! This one is still a work in progress... I have been actively trying different strategies, but haven't found to magic motivator. Keep on, keepin' on I s'pose.

4/5 -- oh so close! Much better than last month!

This week's goals:
1. Go to the gym every weekday over this vacation week! If I just plan the workouts and classes I will be attending for the week, it will make it that much easier, right? I already went today (cross that off the list), and am meeting a friend for tomorrow's yoga class!
2. Create things from Pinterest! As inspired by the Pinspired Linky Party hosted by Learning in Wonderland. See my previous post for specific projects I am planning on going to create.
3. Attend a spin class! I have never attempted one, but got the idea from Jessica at Fantastically Average! I've heard great things, and have always wanted to try, so my friend Em and I are planning on one this week :)
4. Do yoga with The Fiancé every night this week! This does not count toward my working out goal (goal #1), but it does count as my loving Fiancee goal :). The boy wants to practice yoga, but is intimidated about doing it in public, which means I'm here to help him become more confident at it, while practicing my teaching. It's a win-win!
5. Plan for the week after vacation! What will be my excuse this time?? NONE! ALL of my lesson plans will be completed for next week!

Hope you can join me in the fun link up. I'd love to see what your goals are for this week's 5 for Five!

In other news...there is another Virtual 5K I'm linking up with! It is Grandma Lill's Happy 96th Birthday Virtual 5K hosted by the Livin' the Sweat Life! Be sure to check it out and link up by February 21st!

I completed the race as part of my 4.5 mile workout earlier today. My results for the first 3.1 miles: 30:04. Not my fastest by any means, but it really wasn't meant to be. Exercise is exercise, and it made me feel good :)



  1. I try to do yoga daily, in addition to my running workouts. There are a lot of great free yoga apps! I love them:) They help get me stretching!

    We are ALL Special!

  2. Thanks for participating in Grandma Lill's race:)


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