5 for Five {A Day Late...}

Morning Y'all!

So I've linked up with another fantastic group of bloggers for this week's 5 for Five, hosted by Fantastically Average and Party of One! If you are unsure how this works, start here.

This last week, I did phenom if I do say so myself...

The goals I reached are in green. The goals I did not are in red.
1. Go to the gym every weekday over this vacation week! I did this! I actually went to the gym every single day last week, not just on the weekdays. I'm very proud of myself :)
2. Create things from Pinterest! I did this too! As inspired by the Pinspired Linky Party hosted by Learning in Wonderland. See my previous post for specific projects I was planning on created, and stay tuned for a follow-up post showcasing the things I did create :)
3. Attend a spin class! Oof! Did this one too...much to my body's disapproval. It was awesome, and tough, and sweaty. I would love to do one again (when time allows...)
4. Do yoga with The Fiancé every night this week! We did this together :). In just a short week, he has improved 10-fold, and is gaining confidence as we go. I love to see him make progress and share something that I have a passion for, with me.
5. Plan for the week after vacation! Yes ma'am! Please see my previous post for this week's Visual Plans!

5/5! I'm so excited, considering that I've never achieved 5 out of my 5 goals for the week! Let's see if I can do it again...

Goals for next week:

1. Go to the gym 3 out of the 5 weekdays! I have class until 10 pm on Mondays and Thursdays so I'm unable to go to the gym those days, but I'm going to make it Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday!!
2. Start to modify one of my products on TpT! I had a request (actually 2), to make a UK friendly version of one of my products. My first, somewhat small step, is to contact those interested for the specific wording that would be helpful. Small steps...
3. Begin my HUGE research project for grad school! This is a multi-step task, which requires multiple goals. My first goal is to get started, by speaking with my advisor and outlining my project.
4. Bring my dinner from home to my Thursday night class! In an attempt to continue saving money, I am going to pack my dinner from home and bring it to my Thursday class. On the menu: baked lemon pepper chicken, quinoa, and asparagus! Yum :)
5. Finish my taxes! My neighbor technically completes my taxing for me, but I need to complete my steps: gathering all the materials. I still need to gather my student loan information and my tax-deductible donations from last year.

Hope you can join me in the fun link up. I'd love to see what your goals are for this week's 5 for Five!

Here's to positive energy, Photobucket


  1. Hi, I am your newest follower, coming from Amelia's giveaway.

    The First Grade Princess

    1. Thank you! I love your blog as well. Looking forward to connecting in the future :)

  2. Look at you for meeting all 5 goals! I used to do the 5 for Five, but I got soooo busy that I've fallen off the blogging train! I need to hop back on. I'm right there with you on goal 3 for this week. My Master's is killing me!!! As for goal 2 for this week, small steps are actually giant, great steps! You go, girl! Found you from participating in the giveaway @ Where the Wild Things Learn - glad to be a new follower!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. I love 5 for Five -- keeps me accountable! Thanks for checking out my blog :)


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