Quickie Post {again...sorry!}: FREEBIE ALERT!

Hi again!

Just a quickie update -- I have uploaded a FREEBIE. The freebie I added to my TpT store is what I will be using on Friday, when we celebrate our 100th day (Thanks to 3 snow days....). I will also be using a modified version I created, based on I Love First Grade's 100th Day Craftivity (available for purchase here). When we have our 100th Day celebration on Friday, I will be sure to upload pics! (It's also the start of our February Break!!!!)

I know many of you have already had your 100th day (blast you!), but this may be worth checking out for your 100th day next year :)

And for those of you still waiting to celebrate yours...check it out, because, c'mon...it's free!

Cheers (for real this time),

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