100th Day Celebration + Giveaways!


It is another snowy day here in Boston. Boo...

I guess that means I need to cozy up and catch up on some of my posts :)

Our 100th Day Celebration was on Friday -- the perfect end of a week and start of February Vacation! It was also our biannual Awards Ceremony for all the students in the school to celebrate their accomplishments. It was a great day over all :)

Here are the pictures from our 100th Day Trail Mix we did for morning work:

The morning of, all was prepped so the kids could begin right when they got in
After getting their materials, these boys got started!
Some kiddos working on their counting and graphing section :)
A completed hundreds chart! She is now ready to mix her Trail Mix!
This student has his 100th Day Trail Mix bag ready to go!
100th Day Trail Mix was a success! Here are the bags of snacks to prove it!
If you would like to use the graphic I used for the bags, you can find them here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0o6ZYO_jJT_bGMzNGZkT2w1Mnc/edit?usp=sharing

Make sure you check out these great giveaways:

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$25 to TGIF? yes please


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