February Currently!

Hi there!

Time for this month's Currently! Can you believe it is already February?! Wowza!

Listening: I am watching Martha's Cooking School on PBS. I am on a cooking show kick, and have spent most of the day watching PBS cooking shows. I enjoyed this programming while stuffing my face with microwave popcorn.

Loving: These bars are delicious! With very little sugar, and all the deliciousness of a candy bar, this is my go to nutrition bar! My fave is Divine Dark Chocloate and Coconut. Mmmmm...

Thinking: Between my last semester at grad school, teaching full time, and planning my own wedding, there is SO much to do! I have to really buck down and get my stuff done!

Wanting: And this brings me to my wants for this month...VACATION! I have a lot of items on my To Do List that I need about 1 full week to do.

Needing: And yes, this leads me to my needs for the month...A BREAK! While I have so much I need to get done, all I want to do is sleep and relax!

Pet Peeves: Loud, attention-seeking obnoxitrons! While I love to have a good time, and am pretty outgoing, there is only so much attention-seeking behavior from others that I can take. I feel like I am surrounded by these people everywhere I go. I'm like a magnet... what does that say about me?

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  1. Sounds like you could use a vacation. Did you lose yours? We lost ours! Thanks Sandy ;( Thanks for stopping by my blog- I've been on a blogging vacation- but I think I'm back.

  2. Thankful we did not! And, yesterday was a snow day due to Nemo, so I did get that break I asked for :)

    Thanks for commenting, and welcome back!



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