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Hooray for February Vacation! I guess that means I have ample time to create all those things from Pinterest that I haven't had time to create. w00t!

Thanks to Mrs. Sheehan from Learning in Wonderland's fun link up, it's my time to post about all my goals for the week and all the great ideas I have found from Pinterest!

First up -- Organize my Listening Center! My current Listening Center is NOT in an ideal spot, and is absolutely horrendous! I often have to "close" the center due to mistreatment... the book are never in the right spot, the cd players are left open, and the CDs are strewn about. I must admit however, its not entirely their fault. The organization (if that's what you want to call it) is not natural, nor easy to figure out. I need a solution! Enter...Pinterest!

I have a couple of options here. I could create individual book bags for my kibbles...

As in A Differentiated Kindergarten's blog post:

Or Mrs. Patton's Patch's blog post:

OR I could create a Listening Center Rack students could hang the Ziploc bags I currently hold the books with.

Such as First Grade Fabulosity's blog post about Spelling Stations. Technically this is not about Listening Centers, but I love the idea of make this rack:

Another goal for the week -- Create a Clean Desk Visual! I have already created a visual checklist, but somehow I lost (doh!). I figured this week was a great week to recreate my visual checklist, as well as a Clean Desk Visual Chart to show kids what a clean desk "looks like". I got this idea from The Cornerstone for Teachers' blog post:

I would use a picture of a clean desk, which I already have, rather than a drawing to make it that much more concrete for my kiddos.

My final project for this week is to use all of my bottle caps that I have been saving for this ONE product! I have a bag full of them, and I think it's about time to put them to use. The product I am referring to, and the one on my Pinterest is...

Vicky Moore's Bottle Cap Word Work Center, found on her TpT Store! Download it's a wonderful Freebie!
I am most excited about doing this project this week, because I think my kids will love it!

That's all for now. I should get started so I have new projects for next week's link up!

Check out my Pinterest for my classroom ideas. To join the fun, link up with Learning in Wonderland's Pinspired Linky Party for Teachers!

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  1. The clean desk poster is a brilliant idea. I have kids who's stuff keeps falling out because their desk is a complete mess! I got some listening centers from Lakeshore ages ago and I've never quite known how to organize it all. Thanks for the ideas that you found! It's gotten me thinking about how to organize it all :) Also, thank you for linking up!

  2. I love the idea of the clean desk poster!! Make sure to go snag up my desk fairy too- for free in my TPT store- it would go nicely after you unveil the poster. ;-)
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