Quickie Post: Awesome Giveaways!

Hi Y'all!

It has been awhile. I have some cute posts coming up, just waiting for my SD card adapter to arrive in the mail. Soon enough...

Until then, you should check out Ms. Fultz Corner's awesome giveaway! I have entered, and am praying that I win. THis generous woman has agreed to giveaway (READ: make by hand) a personalized Pencil Bunting! If I win, I will proudly hang the adorable banner in my classroom to show off to everyone! :)

You should totally follow her blog. It's really great and useful for teachers :)

Another awesome giveaway is from Granny Goes to School. She, along with 4 other wonderful (and generous) bloggers, teamed up to create the ultimate teacher's dream: $100 worth of Target gift cards!! I've entered (so easy!) and if I win, I plan on spending my money on some organizational supplies for my classroom, and maaaybe a little something for me :)

Make sure you check it out and enter! Who can pass up the opportunity for free Target loot?

And finally - make sure you check out this great giveaway from The Lower Elementary Cottage. In honor of reaching 100 followers (!), Lisa has teamed up with other great bloggers to create a fabulous giveaway of some of their best TpT products! Make sure to check it out and enter. It's so easy - there is no excuse!!



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