New TpT Product!

So, after days of fighting with my computer, I finally uploaded ONE, SINGLE product. And...just in time for the end of the Cyber Monday sale. Cool.

The product was created on Publisher, which is acting excruciatingly slow. It takes a good 15-20 seconds to type a single letter. And forget about trying to move images and text boxes around the page. This is why it took me four days to upload a product with 4 pages. Good average.

Anyways, enough complaints...on to the product...

I have created a fortune teller for fact and opinion. It's a fun activity, that includes directions for folding, and ideas for using the game. The product has both a color and black and white version. Students practice identifying sentences as fact or opinion sentences. I have a whole bucket of fortune tellers in my classroom that students can use during free-times, as extra literacy center practice, during peer breaks, and independently during quiet time. The kids love it, and I can't wait to add this one to the bucket :)

Please visit my store and download some of my freebies, and check out some of my products. I would really appreciate feedback, to get my store up and running in the TpT Universe :)



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