Late Night Success!

I feel very accomplished today! I have spent much of the weekend creating and perfecting more products for my TpT store! I have organized my TpT folder on my desktop to show which products I have uploaded, am still completing, and a folder including future ideas!

On my TpT store, I have a total of 4 products so far! Not much, but it's a start. I have a Noun-Verb Relationship Freebie, My Weekly Reading Log and Response Form I use in my classroom, my much anticipated Fidget Break Cards, and my newest addition: 1-20 Number Match-Up Packet! Please check them out, download my previews, and if you like what you see, please consider purchasing one. Also, if possible, give me some feedback on my TpT page :)

I also revamped my blog a bit, by adding a banner and developing my own button, courtesy of Teacher Blogging Basics! This blog has some great resources to get started as a blogger. I highly recommend you check it out :)

I'd also like to thank The 3am Teacher for their great owl graphics I used on my blog page :)

Finally, I'd like to thank Fonts for Peas for the fabulous, creative, and oh-so-fun fonts I've downloaded and have been using!

All these "thank yous" make me feel like I'm accepting some award :)



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