Wish List: Dream Desk

Greetings friends,

Transitioning to a new job means shopping for new fun office decor-type stuffs. My office is still pretty bare, and I'm looking to spruce it up a bit. This inspired me to create a wish list for my new office.

Wish List: Dream Desk

one. Check out this beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp. How gorgeous would this be, displayed on your desk?

two. With my new fancy profesh business cards, I need a new fancy, awesome business card holder. How cute it this?

three. I'm always looking at new planners, even if I don't need one. This Kate Spade Agenda is just stunning. If I splurge on this beauty, I doubt my wandering eye will be looking to replace it.

four. Um, c'mon. Who doesn't absolutely need a Morris the Donkey Memo Holder? The answer is nobody. Nobody doesn't absolutely need this. Translation: everybody does.

five. So, by now in my blogging career, you must know how much I love me some cats. Before it was cool to love cats. But, it's always been cool to love cats. And now, you can show your love for cats with this awesome Cat Jewelry Dish.

six. Hydration is key to success. So is this sleek, hip water bottle.

seven. Desks need some organization I suppose. This pencil cup will do the trick.

eight. Every unique pencil cup needs some unique pencils. Preferably natural wood.

nine. Flowers make everyone happy. Especially peonies.

ten. Of course, my amazing pencil sharpener that I've recommended time and time again.

What is on your dream desk wish list?


  1. That's the best pencil sharpener in the world!

    My Kinder-Garden

  2. I want all of those things you have on your wish list. FUN stuff!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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