The Job-Hunting Teacher Series: What to Pack In Your Interview Bag

Hello again friends,

I'm excited to share today's Job-Hunting Teacher tip because, I LOVE making collage sets. You may remember my last collage set, showcasing my dream desk. Well, it's time for another one, and this one is all about what to pack in your interview bag.

This post is geared toward female job-hunting teachers. However, to make this post relevant for you men, just omit the make-up, lip gloss, and adorbs scarf.

What to Pack in Your Interview Bag

So, as you may remember from my last post, creating a stellar portfolio of your work is key. However, it only does you good if you remember to pack it! (along with some other helpful things)

Here are the top ten things you need in your interview bag:

1. A good quality, structured bag. I like these two styles because they are both in neutral, classic colors, are leather (or leather-like), and look chic. Plus, they are large enough to fit the essential, but not of body-bag-like proportions. Chances are you already have a bag that fits these requirements. If not, check out the black and brown bags.

2. Your portfolio. Duh.

3. Additional stuffs. Your resume, list of references, copy of your diploma, teaching certificate/license, sample lesson plans, etc. Get this pretty accordion folder here.

4. A water bottle. Have you ever had a coughing fit in the middle of an interview? (yes) Or your so parched it hurts to answer the interviewer's questions? (yes again) Please bring a water bottle. (with water!) If you want one this chic, find it at Athelta.

5. A notebook and pens. Bring a notebook where you can write down any information you receive during your interview, jot down questions that come up during the conversation, or scribe any thoughts you have throughout the discussion. Make sure to bring questions with you to ask the interviewer(s) too. Also - pack at least 2 pens just in case. If you have absolutely zero paper or writing utensils in your house (or you just like how cute these are), here are my picks for the notebook and pens.

6. Lip gloss. You can wear lip stick if you'd like, however I prefer something simple, pretty, and understated. Plus, lip gloss can be hydrating, which is essential if you're suffering from an already dry throat (read above). My faves are bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Show Off or Party Starter. (Survivor is shown in the set above)

7. A light-weight scarf. Pack something light and beautiful, like the scarf above, in case the interview room is a bit chilly. This way you'll be able to concentrate on the questions and not on how much longer you have to live before your body temperature plummets into hypothermia, and you can look fabulous at the same time.

8. Your make-up. I always have my everyday make-up in my purse, but if you don't, pack it today. In case it rains and your mascara runs, or you park the car and realize you completely missed a spot you need to conceal, it's a good idea to have this stash with you. And, if you are in the market for a cute new make-up bag, check out this pretty floral one.

9. Mints. Read: pack mints, not gum. I'm sure you know how obnoxious and unprofessional it would be to be smacking gum in the middle of your interview. But, even if you pop a piece of gum before your interview with the intention of spitting it out, you can't be certain you'll be able to! You may forget you have it in your  mouth, and by the time you realize, you are already shaking hands with your potential boss! Yikes! Just to be safe, stash some dissolvable mints in your bag. And make sure to allow time for it to melt before introducing yourself!

10. The essentials. Obviously you need to pack your wallet, keys, phone, etc.

You are all prepped for your upcoming interview! You got this - and stay tuned next week for more Job-Hunting Teacher tips (hint: it has to do with the actual interview...)

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I hope this little guide was helpful! Good luck on your interview - you'll do great!



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  2. Those structured bags are really nice! Love them!


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