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Hi friends,

Hope the summer is treating you well. You may remember earlier this week I announced my new accomplishment (BCBA!). You may also remember my implementation of my weight loss behavior plan. Well, funny story...

So about 3 hours after posting that blog post, I played soccer on my women's league, as I do every Monday and Wednesday evening. After about 70 minutes of play, I was hit in the stomach with a throw-in. Typically, nothing to write home about, as it is part of the game. And besides, the point was to trap the ball with my body, which I did. Instead of using the momentum to boot the ball up the line, I rolled my ankle and went down. Hard. After flopping around on the field, pounding the ground and grimacing in pain (paying homage to my professional counterparts), I hobbled off the field to stretch it out.

Now, typically, I would job back on to the field after "healing" myself but about 5 minutes. This doesn't always prove to be a great idea, but more often than not, my body can recover and no irreparable damage is done. This was my plan yet again, however my nearly 30-year-old self reminded me that I'm not getting any younger. "Check in with yourself this time Rae. Don't assume you'll bounce back." So that's what I did. I allowed myself to attempt to jog on the sideline, stretch my ankle, jump on it. When I wasn't cringing in pain, I was collapsing on the group. A sign I should bow out of this gracefully. Instead of pretending that if I avoid the pain it will subside, I embraced my age and my healing body, and heroically unlaced my cleats. I realized if I wanted to continue my active lifestyle, I'd better take care of the body I have. I applied some ice, elevated my foot on the bench, and cheered my team on from the sidelines.

After the game, I hobbled to my car, hoping that by not playing again right away, like I normally would have, I would be fine to resume my lifestyle as usual. Silly me...

The next morning, I could barely move my left foot. I was brought to near-tears each time I attempted to put any weight on it. As an athlete who has broken this same foot seven times (yes, seven), I realize the difference between a break and a sprain (or fracture, or bruise), and knew it wasn't broken (despite the immense amount of pain I felt). I'm also quite aware of the healing process and treatment of a sprain. Typically, a sprain of this level (again, despite the pain, I determined it was a moderate sprain) and location (top of my foot) would require very little physical interventions. I would most likely be prescribed what is called RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Instead of using my sub-par health insurance (until my actual benefits kick in at my new job), I decided to diagnosis myself with a sprain (no, this is NOT recommended, as I am NOT a health care professional. However, this poor decision is based on years of experience and really, only affects me :P), and prescribe myself good ol' fashion rest. 

When I woke up today, two days after my mishap, I have almost full range of motion in my left foot. Certain twists and angles feel tight, not sore, and it almost feels like I can return to my normal running and exercise routine. Almost. I'll be a responsible adult and continue to monitor it (translation: I'm NOT going to soccer tonight. I can't make any promises about next week though...). Looks like I may be able to follow my behavior plan without tweaking it sooner than expected! Woohoo!

And now, a Currently (that was actually completed yesterday, when I was in the most pain):

Listening: This still applies today. It's 90+ degrees outside here in Boston. Yikes...
Loving: I feel super profesh adding those extra letters to the end of my name. (Its super profesh to say "super profesh" right?)
Thinking: Read above if you are confused about my worry. No longer a worry though :)
Wanting: This still applies.
Needing: Just a little color. Is that too much for a translucent Norse to ask?  
4th Plans: Trying some great summertime recipes I pinned! Some I'm going to trying: Chickpea, Avocado, Feta Salad, Black Bean Burgers, Chicken Shish-Kabobs, and Mexican Corn-on-the-Cob. Mmmmm!

But, if Tropical Storm Arthur doesn't cooperate, I may not be able to enjoy these recipes until later in the weekend...

Fingers crossed...

Have a healthy, happy, and dry 4th!

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