TBT: Incriminating Photos!

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Today, I am linking up with The Teacher's Desk for Throwback Thursday. This TBT Post is from my classroom days and is all about making mess illegal in the classroom (sorta). To join the TBT fun, click the image below to link up!

The original post goes all the way back to September, 2012:

I am not the most organized individual. I have to work very hard to keep my life orderly and clutter-free. However, I understand the importance of teaching others how to maintain sanity and order in their life through organization. WHich is why I have begun to make clutter and disorganization ILLEGAL in my classroom!

Okay...so not illegal, but I have begun to have fun with this idea with my kiddos. I take pictures around my classroom of clutter and mess, paste them on the white board and direct the students to the "Incriminating Photos" found around the classroom. 

Exhibit A: The Bad Kitty bin is a wreck!

Exhibit B: Books on the floor?! How can that be?

Exhibit C: Not the Angry Birds!

Exhibit D: What a disaster!
As soon as these photos are seen, my detectives get to work to right the wrongs! It certainly keeps my room spotless :)

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  1. How clever you are! This idea might work with my kiddos (they are notoriously sloppy!). LOVE it! Thanks for linking up for TBT.



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