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This post was originally posted on February 20, 2013:

Hi Y'all!

Happy Hump Day! For me, this is a sad Hump Day, because it means I am half way through February Break. {sad face} But if you are at work this week, then CONGRATS, you are half way through the work week {happy face}

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Product: My favorite product is my Fidget Break Cards! I use this bad boys in my class every.single.day! When my kids are feeling extra fidgety, I suggest getting some energy out, and they immediately head to these cards to choose their activity!
A set of Fidget Break Cards hangs by the File Folder Game shelf
A second set hangs on the back of my desk

Get my Fidget Break Cards here:

Area: My favorite area of my classroom has GOT to be the Book Nook!
I admit that I have an OBSESSION with books. Some may call it hoarding but, I disagree (don't all hoarders disagree?). I feel that collecting books that are meaningful and engaging is not an illness, but instead an honorable pastime. My kids have a huge collection of books to choose from, all labeled by category (NOT leveled) and interest. Some are categorized by author or series, if I have a vast collection of a specific author or series. (such as Beverly Cleary, or Magic Tree House) My kids know of my obsession and I think it adds to their love for books: Seeing an adult share a passion in literature enhances their curiosity and enjoyment. It also helps to have comfy pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets in the Nook so they can cozy up with a good book :)

Signal: Honestly, my general transition "signal" is not very original or creative. I simply tell the kids it is "Time to Transition." I stand in the front of the room, set a timer for 2 minutes (so kids can do their transition routine in a timely manner), and expect all students to have completed their transition between subjects within that amount of time. If things get really rowdy in our room, I will shut off the lights to get everyone's attention. Our foolproof way to get everyone's attention, that is effective across our school (from the little to the teens) is "Hands Up" and we all raise hands. Then the message is delivered once everyone's hands are in the air and their voices are off.

Which finally brings me to:

Sanity: I stay sane on a daily basis by starting my day with my morning oatmeal and coconut coffee. I also try to arrive at school at 7:30, so I'm not scrambling around trying to get everything done before the kids get in at 8:15. After school, I decompress by chatting with my teaching team, often NOT about the day, but whatever we like. We are all good friends, so that also keeps me going throughout the day!

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In other news - I went to my first Spin Class today with a friend of mine. Whew! What a work out! I have never been before, because frankly, they are terrifying. It was a 50 minute class full of sweat, grunting, and intense pedaling! It sucked for 50 minutes, but when it was over, I felt that I couldn't wait to do it again! THEN, I saw my calories burned using the Self Calories Burned Calculator. According to Self (which is like my Bible by the way), it says I burned 655 pounds for my weight and intensity. I'll take it! Spin again? For sure!

That's all for now! Until next time...

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  1. I love all of the things you wrote (throughout the post, but specifically) in the Sanity section. My school starts at 7:20 a.m. and I am not a morning person. I used to arrive on the 7:20 button with not a minute to spare. I was still taking my jacket off when my 8th graders arrived. It was hectic. This coming year, I am really going to try to arrive earlier and get myself situated before the kids arrive. I'm hoping I can find some after school sanity in the gym. I set that goal every year and I am hoping that this is the year!
    Visiting from the TBT Linky Party!
    ~Amanda from His and Her Hobbies


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