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Today i'm linking up a throwback post with The Teacher's Desk 6's link-up, all about using Google Forms. It's short, but sweet. To join the fun, click the image below to link up :)

This was originally posted on February 12, 2013:

Just wanted a quickie update to let you know how much I ADORE Google Drive's (formerly Google Docs) Google Forms! Thanks to Technology Tailgate for clueing me into this awesome resource! I have created my first every "form" which is a quiz for our non-fiction unit. Of course, my theme for the quiz is fish...duh.

This is my quiz I created using Google Forms. I plan on having my students use the link I have created so they can access it and their responses will automatically appear on my own Google Drive under "responses" so I can track their answers.
The responses spreadsheet
It was so easy! Make sure you check out Technology Tailgate's blog post about Google Forms. They give you a step-by-step guide for how to use it -- soooo easy!

I plan on playing with it more. Once I figure out some more great uses (other than those great one on Tailgate's blog), I will be sure to share!

Do any of you use Google Forms? If so, how do you incorporate it into your classroom?

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