Linkys For Days! Getting Ready for B2S!

I am linking up with I {heart} Recess for a Back to School Monthly Goals linky! I didn't realize this was a monthly link up, so I will have to check back next month for the next Goal Theme! If you are interested in linking up with your Back to School goals, head over to I {heart} Recess!

They say one of the best way to achieve your goals is by writing them down!

Next, I'm linking up with a first-time linky party host - Carly from First Grade Fabulosity! This one is all about anchor charts! 

I've added some anchor charts below that I love and inspire me. I've also included a couple of anchor chart organization ideas that I think are just fabulous.

I'm always needing to remind my kiddos when to add a capital letter and when not to. This is a great chart to build independence and automaticity! Great reference!
If you know anything about me, you know how much I love teaching the visualizing skill for reading comprehension. I'm a huge fan of the Visualizing and Verbalizing curriculum, and used something very similar to this during my lessons. This is a mini-version of a larger anchor chart for visualizing.
Non-fiction text features! Such a great visual to show all the ways to use text features during reading.
I've loved this visual for as long as I have had Pinterest! So...I decided to make my own.
Here is a picture of the one I created at the beginning of the school year last year. Check out the original post on this one here.

How to write topic sentences is one of the hardest things for me to teach! I love how visual this poster is. I'm  hoping this will help both my kids and myself with topic sentences!
I would like to incorporate the two of these into one, and have the focus be on Whole Body Listening VVV
And some great ways to organize your anchor charts...

Take pictures of your anchor charts and collect in a binder for easy reference!

Hang them on hangers for easy and immediate access!

For more on anchor charts, check out this really great post by First Grade Fresh. Ms. Simoneaux does a great job explaining how she uses anchor charts in her classroom, how she introduces them, how invested the kids become in creating the anchor charts as a class, and how she decides which anchor charts to create.

If you are interested in checking out this fun linky, click here and join in on the fun!

I'm also so excited to link up with The Teacher's Chair again, for the Tuesday School Week Linky! Today's topic: Read Alouds!

All of these books are GOLD when it comes to Back to School reading. Between sending messages of friendship and courage, to reading about the silliness of the jitters and expectations for the school year, these are all great books that you should all look into introducing to your kiddos. I would love to see what you all read for your Back to School Read Alouds! Link up with The Teacher's Chair to share your ideas! Maybe I'll add some to my list :)

I'm not beneath begging...please like me on Facebook! I'm getting lonely! I have 6 followers (really 5, because one of them is me...[insert sad face]). I'm so thankful to the followers I do have! If it weren't for you...I'd be alllllll alone.

And finally...

I am really quite excited about this one! As someone who looooooves me a good package, and someone who gets PopSugar's Must Have Box each month, I am sooooooooo glad I found this little gem. Lesson's With Coffee, along with Mrs. Price's KinderGators, and First Grade Fairytales, is hosting a fun educator's take on this great idea! Check it out by clicking the icon below and sign up! I look forward to meeting and sharing with you :)

The SLANT Box Exchange

Back to School Fortune Tellers!

Morning Y'all,

I have finally finished my first Back to School Fortune Teller!! It is called Getting to Know You Fortune Teller - Traditional Questions Edition. I created this first Back to School related product for those looking for traditional Getting-to-Know-You-type questions. I really wanted to get this done for those of you going back to school in the next week, so I powered through and finally finished!

Upcoming Back to School Fortune Tellers:

  • Getting to Know You Fortune Teller - Silly Questions Edition
  • Getting to Know You Fortune Teller - Thought-Provoking Questions Edition
  • Any other requests?
I will be giving away one of these bad boys away! All you have to do is answer the following question: What things do you do to help kids learn their environment, their teachers, and their classmates? I will be announcing the winner this evening!

Good luck,

School Week Linky!

I don't know why, but I've been so excited about this link up since I saw it last week! I think it such a fun idea! I also love that it is planned in advance, because I often can't get my act together to post things on time, nor post relevant topics without racking my brain for an hour. So, now I can plan out what I want to post and have ample time to prepare a post!

Plus - isn't the graphic just the cutest?!

The Teacher's Chair

A big shout out to Tracey at The Teacher's Chair for putting together this fabulous linky! I wish I had great ideas like this!

Now, onto the goods...

This week is all about Lesson Planners so without further adieu...I present you with links to my outstandingly unique lesson plans...Just kidding - they are pretty very basic. I am in the process of creating a Teacher Binder on publisher to print for the new year - a new system for me. I need all the help I can get when it comes to organizing, so I'm going to start this system this year. What better time to start?

This lesson plan template includes 2 sections under the Instructional Procedures heading for what the teacher does during the lesson, and what the students are expected to do and/or what you would like them to be doing

This lesson plan template is more basic than my other - so you can customize your instructional procedures as needed.

This is my favorite lesson plan template. I use this one for nearly ever formal lesson plan I write up. Basically, you start with the "I Do" section, in which the teacher is modeling, or actually teaching the lesson. The We Do section is where students are participating more interactively in the lesson, and this is an opportunity to practice with the group. The You Do section is devoted to the students doing the learning, engaging in the lesson and/or tasks in a hands-on, interactive approach. This format does not fit for all lessons but it's a great start for many of the lessons I create. Also, there is not always these 3 sections. Often times it is not necessary to have an I Do section. Sometimes you may only have an I Do and a We Do section, depending on your objectives. I think this is the easiest format to tailor to your needs and the needs of your students.

This is the visual I use to organize my lessons, activities and plans for the week. I usually have my name written at the top ("Ms. Schauer's Weekly Calendar"), so you would write your name there. Also, I write the week on the line next to "Week Of". My own calendar has the specific subjects I was teaching throughout the day, instead of where it says Block 1, Block 2, etc. Obviously this one is more general so you all can use it and tailor to your needs!

Here is a sneak peak of my upcoming Teacher Binder...
Literally...just a peak. Because this is about how far I've gotten...

In preparation for my first year in my new program at a new school, I headed to TpT for some resources! I was teaching 3rd-5th graders for the last 3 years, so heading down to first and second grade is going to be a change! I found some OUTSTANDING products that I just have to share with you!!

All of these products are totally amazing and worth every penny!

I'm also trying to finish up a few products of my own. In addition to my Teacher Binder, I'm creating a collection of my Daily Warm Up Packs, as requested by several of my TpT and blog followers! This product, I hope, will be available in the next couple of weeks. Also, I'm going to create another of my ever-popular Fortune Tellers for the first day of school. I know many of you are starting back to school soon, so I'm trying to complete this ASAP!


Sunday Smorgasbord!

Hi there,

This is my first time linking up with Fabulous in First's Sunday Smorgasbord!

I had a great, and random week this week! First of all...

I GOT A JOB! Actually, that happened on Friday. But it was a whirlwind of an experience that ended with excitement and glee.

Why don't we just go in order..shall we?


I finally completed my Common Core Checklists for both Math and ELA for grades 3 and 4. I'm excited because I want to be able to reach as many educators as possible - and I have a lot of followers who have requested grades 3 and 4 checklists. I use the K-2 ones in my classroom and find them simple, but helpful. If you are interested in checking them out, click the image above or click here to head to my store to see all of my products.
I had three interviews today! One of them called me at 9 am asking if I would be able to come in for an interview at 11am! Keep reading for an update on The Last Minute Principal and to hear how that one went...

Nothing like a relaxing pedicure... In case you can't tell...the color is there...its a "nude" color (actually called "Don't Pretzel My Buttons" - and yes, I make my decisions based on the names...

This was a big day for me! After waiting around by the phone for the majority of the morning, I got a few texts from people I have put down as references saying they received a call from the Last Minute Principal. That's good news right? Well at around 2pm, I received a call from this principal offering me the position of Therapeutic Learning Program Specialist (it's a mouth full...basically I'm the special education specialist for the 1st and 2nd grade resource room). I happily accepted (because this was my first choice job!). All of you bloggers were right...I just needed the right position to come to me :)

To celebrate my new position, The Husband took me out to our {current} favorite restaurant, Tulip Asian Cuisine. We shared 2 (!) scorpion bowls and enjoyed some delicious Caterpillar Maki. Oh... and who could forget about the peking raviolis!

I got this little doo-dad at an artisan market in Somerville. I just love it! I've had more practice since this picture was I can twirl it in a bun a little better. But, having as much hair as I have, it's really hard to find hair accessories that actually keep my hair up! This this is awesome - and pretty too :)

  My mom and I went shopping for new more "teacher-y" clothes. My old position, while I was head teacher, we more laid back. People usually wore jeans (darker denim) with sneakers and any old t-shirt. I want to make a good impression at my new, public school setting, and opted to buy a more "professional" wardrobe. I bought a few pairs of classic pants, a couple of patterned shirts, a linen blazer, a funky dress (that I will wear like 3 times all year...a'int nobody got time for dresses when you gotta chase kids!), and a great pair of flats (ain't nobody got time for heels when you gotta chase kids!). I'm so excited!! Plus the items I bought go with things I already own in my closet! TJ Maxx is where it's at!

After we went shopping, I went home to get ready for my playoff soccer game. It was a 6pm game, so the air was a bit cooler (thankfully). I've played soccer my entire life, and I never could imagine my life without it. I dont, however, love the constant foot issues I have. The latest issue? Well...let's just say my left foot is used to having 4 nails at this point...

One of my best friends, currently living in Las Vegas, came to visit this weekend (she's the one in the middle). Myself and several of our middle school friends met her at a bar in Boston. She will be taking the MTELs this October with the hopes of moving back to Mass next year! I can't wait :)

On a quick BJs run to grab some cat litter, I stumbled upon this awesomeness! I don't know what my new classroom is going to look like, but I am expecting a place for a rug! Once i know the dimensions, I am headed back to BJs to pick up one of these bad boys. They have all different styles, including an alphabet one, a United States map one, and a solar system one. My favorite is the Polka Dot one... any guesses as to why?

Well, I'm off to ice my face (oh yeah...I also got a soccer ball to the face last night. I saved a shot though! And I play midfield!)


Ten Pin Linky and Giveaways!

Hi there!

I have decided to link up again with Ashley Reed of Just Reed for her great Ten Pin Linky Party! This week (the last week ): ) is all about Back to School Pins!

Here are my 10 favorites:

This has a great "how-to" on making these! I'm so making one of these for my classroom this year! Organization is key!


Who doesn't love Ladybug's Teacher Files?! I know I do! I love the idea and instructions provided of how to color code your classroom library! Definitely a back-to-school must-do for me!

I don't have the original source for this one.
I did this idea last year. Check out my post here. It worked great and I'm totally going to implement it again this year :)

Such a great idea - especially in a small classroom! I will be making one of these for next year!

I love the idea of having work for early finishers that focus on different specific skills needed for different students. I don't know if having large boxes like this to organize them will be the way I go, but I would love to figure something out for the school year!

I'm currently working on developing my own Teacher Binder, and am looking into any and all posts on ways to help a teacher stay organized! I love this post by Kindergarten Works!

I made one of these last year using Wordle. I like to have a welcome sign on the first day of school, and what a better way to show kids they belong than with a collection of all the students' and teachers' names!

I think anything to get the kids exploring their new environment with their new classmates is gold! I love the idea of having a scavenger hunt for the first day of school - I particularly love the visuals!

I love first week read alouds - especially Chrysanthemum! This site has fun ideas to pair with this read aloud :)

And finally, if you know anything about my classroom - I LOVE visual schedules. WOrking with special needs kiddos, it is so important to incorporate picture schedules throughout the classroom. It's a great way to support executive functioning skills.

There you have it - my Top Ten Back to School Pins! I have soooo many school and classroom-related pins on my Classroom board. Check it out for more great ideas :)

In other "news"...

Everyone NEEDS to check out The Teaching Tribune's outstanding blog hop and giveaway! Win some fabulous prizes, get some amazing freebies, and meet some new bloggers! What could be better?!

I also want to shout out Sarah at Teaching is Colorful for reaching over 50 followers on her TPT store! CONGRATS! And as a thank you to her loyal followers, she is hosting a fabulous giveaway - a $10 credit toward anything in her store! Check it out below :)
Tori from Tori's Teacher Tips is having a wonderful Math Giveaway! Check it out below!
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