My Own Book Club

After reading Daily Candy's 101 Books We Can't Live Without, I decided to create my own list of books to read when I have downtime (which is approximately 3 minutes per day). Below is a list I created, based on book recommendations from Daily Candy as well as friends, other blogs, and my fiancé. Enjoy!

Books to Sufficiently Creep Me Out/Make Me Feel Unsettled:




Books That Help Me Make Sense of the World (Or Utterly Confuse Me):


Books for My Spiritual Side:

Books to Satisfy My Thirst for Books on Education:


Books I Should Have Read Years Ago:


 Books I Just Want to Read:



Please let me know of any other books you recommend I add to my Reading List. I'm always looking for more good reads!




  1. Have you read "Zen Shorts?" It's one you might be able to read to your class (I read it to mine last year) and that you may also like yourself. Just a suggestion: Start with the "Glass Castle" on your list. I've read about half your books listed, but that one was easily my favorite of the ones we have in common. It such a great story about resilence!

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestions! I will have to read the Glass Castle first. And I absolutely have to check out Zen Shorts! :)


Thanks for the comments! I look forward to reading them :)

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