Mindful Tuesday


It has been a rough weekend. I live in the Northeast, where Hurricane Sandy angrily visited. We survived, but many of our neighbor's cars did not :(. I am counting my blessings that none of our property, or ourselves were damaged!

During the storm, I was feeling slightly terrified. I knew that overall, we were going to be safe, but my fiance, who works outside for a living, was working, and I was so nervous something was going to happen to him. Thankfully, he was also safe, but my mind was spinning all day. What helped to ground me was my cat, Chester. Chester is terrified of storms. He runs around the house, meowing, cowering, and shaking. Yesterday, however, I saw a different side of Chester. Whereas during thunderstorms, he runs for cover, searching for the most desolate area of the house, during this hurricane, he was looking for companionship. He still was shaking and meowing, but this time instead of sprinting underneath the bed, he bolted to wherever I was. He was still cowering, but this time, he was cowering into me. It made me feel less vulnerable and helpless, that I was comforting and protecting another. Chester trusted me with his life, and I should embrace this role of Nurturer. Once I embraced this role, a sense of calm and mindfulness washed over me. I no longer worried about what could be, or what had been. I was only thinking in the presence - as my duty of caring for another. Together, we rode out the storm, caring for one another with our peace and cuddles.

Be in the present.



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