Mindful Monday: Lessons in Patience

This last week has been B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!! I was non-stop all week and weekend, so much so that I had to reeeaally concentrate on slowing down every chance I got, just so my mind wouldn't explode! It wasn't easy, but by golly, was it necessary...

The goal I gave myself to work on this week was practicing patience. I knew that this last week was going to be a doozy (yes, despite it being a short week), with new behavior plans starting, our interventions group beginning and staff being out, however I was not adequately prepared for the level of stress I was going to endure. My team and I rode the crazy wave until Thursday, when my supervisor asked if I wanted to check in with her, because I was looking stressed out. I was crushed... I thought I was working really hard to keep my composure. Plus, I actually didn't think I was all that stressed out anyways!

I took this comment to heart, and started to really attempt to keep myself in check. I became much more mindful of how I was perceiving situations, noticing my body language and the volume and tone of my voice, and was regularly checking in with myself to see how I felt. During Thursday afternoon meditation, I made a conscious effort to visualize all my stress, anxiety, and pride floating out to sea, and starting anew. At the end of my meditation, I felt refreshed and renewed. I took on Friday like a mindful, patient champ.

After a weekend of living like a hermit (writing an IEP and a psych journal proposal), I embraced the start of the new week. I entered work this morning feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take on whatever the day had to offer. The day was tough, for sure. But I worked hard to continuously check in with myself, and others to help the day, and my mind, run smoother. At the end of the day, I did not feel the build up of pressure an anxiety I had felt last week. And while I type this, I am reflecting on the day, feeling successful in my endeavor for a patient and mindful week.

In addition to the continuous and consistent self-reflections I allow myself, I also maintain a "mindful diet" if you will. By diet, I do not necessarily mean strictly food and drink, but other healthy habits that make me feel good and in the moment. Next Mindful Monday post will include some of my "mindful diet"techniques :)




  1. Balance as a special education teacher...is it possible?

  2. Glad to about your mindful week! It really makes a big difference to choose to be patient, calm etc. AND I see you've been BOO'D already - but here's a BOO'D from a different linky party! Check it out over at my blog :)


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