Mindful Mondays: Use Your Nondominant Hand

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Starting my day off right. I woke up (albeit late, but whatevs) and practiced yoga for 20 minutes. I then made a cup of coffee and enjoyed my Chobani yogurt with berries and honey. After completing some work for grad school and my lessons for the week, I meditated for 15 minutes before writing this post. I love days off!

How to Train a Wild Elephant still inspires me! As mentioned in my last Mindful post, I want to begin posting about my journey with the book, and this post is about precisely that.

The first exercise of the book encourages readers to be mindful and slow down by using their dominant hand. I am already fairly fluent in using both hands (even writing with my left hand is still legible, and even better than some other peoples everyday handwriting), so I thought that I wouldn't get much out of this exercise. While it wasn't the most challenging thing I did all week, it certainly did require me to slow down significantly. It took me a while to remember to do the exercise throughout the day, but the more often I did it, the more often I remembered (if that makes sense). I got used to slowing down, even if it wasn't a time to use the exercise. It felt right to slow down and take my time with all of my tasks, regardless of if I did the exercise or not. I would guess that this was probably what Dr. Bays had in mind when creating these exercises and writing this book. Smart, crafty lady.

Oh by the way, the brand Food Should Taste Good uses gluten-free, natural ingredients to develop delicious, healthier alternative tortilla chips. My favorite of the day: Sweet Potato :)

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