New Year's Promises

This post is jam-packed, so brace yourself!

Classic me - procrastinate until the absolute last moment. I have already brainstormed my New Years Promises (see what I did there), but didn't actually link up with these awesome linkys until today. And there's a lot of 'em...

Let's start off, plain and simple - with just one, little word...

My word for 2014 is peace - peace in my relationships with others, peace in my professional endeavors, and peace with my body and self. As you will soon find out, "peace" sums up my promises for the new year.

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Next, just a look back at some 2013 memorable social media moments...

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Here are my best pins of 2013:

My Classroom Routines blogpost! I'm so flattered that so many people enjoyed this post!

Lots of my Freebies were pinned! My CAP Assessment was a favorite :)

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Now let's take a look at my favorite Instagram photos of 2013!

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 Talk about new beginnings! I even hash-tagged that!


 When I was naive and eager...oh how quickly that dwindled :-P


And of course, no favorite picture list is complete without a miserable picture of Lucy!

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A now - for the RESOLUTIONS!

Personal: So this one can't really be completed explained until after my 21-day detox. I've never done a detox before, but have considered one for many years now. I finally succumbed to the idea when, after weeks of feeling bloated, exhausted, and like a teenage-boy (blemishes galore!), I had had enough! I have done a fair amount of research on common food intolerances for humans - many of which we don't consider. We have heard lots about how gluten can affect the digestive tract for many, however, did you know that milk and lactose can contain even more harmful allergens! I have heard from many people that the quickest way to feel better physically is to eliminate lactose from your diet. It made sense to me, but I wasn't ready to give up on my greek yogurt, skim milk in my iced coffee, and the occasional slice(s) of pizza just yet...until this past month, when my body boycotted against me. Now, I think I'm ready to give it a shot.

I've also, of course, decided to make a pretty visuals for what motivates me to be healthy this year. Here are my detox motivations:

I have recruited some of my friends to join me on this adventure. Neither seemed too excited about it, so it may be just me come January 5th (we start on January 4th). I'll keep you posted.

Professional: I posted on some Facebook groups I belong to a plea for advice. With 2 students starting the day we get back (yes...2 of them. And yes, this Thursday), I needed to amp up my teaching! Once these friends start, I will have one student functioning below Kindergarten level (after being in Kindergarten twice, and now in first grade), and one student with a 130 IQ and functioning above grade level (he's in 2nd grade). I'm also expected to teach whole group lessons. Yikes. So - enter center/station-based teaching. I don't know much about it, but I plan to learn more (in the next day), so I can implement some ideas when we get back. Any suggestions would be much appreciated- especially on teaching literature!

Classroom: I LOVE the size of my room! I'm used to being in a closet in the basement with 9 students and 3 staff members. Now I have a "regular" sized classroom for my (now) 8 kids and 2 adults. But, because I'd worked in my closet for 3 years, I haven't quite learned out to utilize such a large space yet! Advice?

Blog/TPT: I feel like I make these resolutions each year, but I think they are so important to my professional endeavors, and my own mental well-being. I love blogging and creating materials for teachers - I want this to be a continued resolution for me!

Just-for-Fun: I've posted about my love and passion for writing. I have many, many ideas for a children's book, memoir, and personal essays. I have written snippets here and there. Now, I really want to concentrate on writing. For pleasure.

Link up with Peach for the Teach to include your 2014 Resolutions! I would love to read your plans for the new year :)

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And finally, just a few products to take you into the new year, if you are interested:
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Have a safe, healthy, and happy New Years!


  1. Hi, Kae! I enjoyed reading your resolutions! Writing for fun sounds great! Thanks for linking up! Hapy New Year!

  2. Hey Rae thanks for linking up! So glad you joined up with me. Enjoyed reading your resolutions. Stephanie from Principal Principles

  3. Fabulous hair cut! I love it! Thanks for linking up :)
    Kickin' it in Kindergarten


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