New Resource! A BIG Thank You to Hailey!


So I want to start off this post by giving a shout out to Hailey from Autism Tank! She did a post on a great resource for special educators called TheraSimplicity. I hadn't heard of it before - but now I love it!

This is why blogging is so great! I may have not stumbled upon this resource if it hadn't been for this community. Hailey frequently posts resources and sites she uses in her classroom. This provides educators with a real-life, unbiased review of a resource. While Hailey's population is a bit different than mine, her post was relevant enough that I was intrigued. I headed over immediately and started searching, creating, printing and laminating!

laminating away!
Here are some of the great things I made using this resource:

I'm Mad Strategy Visual: The TheraBoards section allows you to use pre-made visual boards or create your own using search features for images and typing your own text. For this visual, I created my own to tailor it to our "strategy toolbox" we use in our classroom.

Worksheets: This site provides a lot a bajillion worksheets for all different subject areas and concepts. I  printed two different versions for letter identification: matching letters and matching letters to beginning letters in words.

Sequencing Cards: I LOVED this feature of the site. A few of my students are practicing sequencing skills in literature and these cards are a great supplement for real-life situations. The sequencing sheets I printed are: building a snowman, baking, coloring, raking, and getting dressed.  You can use them in a variety of ways, but I chose to print them 3-4 to a page, laminate them, and cut out each card. This way I can add them to my centers and/or my students individual activity binders. More on that when I get these going in my classroom.

I also made two worksheets for my kiddos who are working on cause and effect and/or making predictions. Using the search feature in the sequencing boards section of TheraBoards, I chose the images I wanted for my worksheets. I then used the images to create a prediction worksheet. (I ended up creating this one in word using the images I downloaded. I wasn't able to format it the way I needed for my kiddos, but I still loved the images!) If you are interested in this freebie, click the image above for 2 prediction worksheets!

If you work with students with special needs and/or those who benefit from classroom visuals and accommodations, this site may be worth checking out. Read Hailey's post on this topic for a more in depth look at the features of this resource and sign up for your 14-Day Free Trial (like me!).


  1. I read this on her blog as well and got busy printing and laminating, too! It is such a great resource. I'm really considering purchasing, after my 14 day trial is up! :)
    Mrs. H’s Resource Room

  2. This post got my attention! I'm going to check out this resource now. Thanks for sharing! :-)
    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs


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