New England Blogger Meet-Up

Morning friends!

I know! It's been almost an entire week since I went to the amazing Winter Warm-Up, but I just haven't had the time to post anything of substance this week. Between IEP meetings, restraint debriefings, and an issue with a student's family (my New England blogger friends may remember what I'm talking about), I am just now able to sit down and blog about this wonderful experience.

From left to right starting in the back row we have...
Wendy, Susan, Deirdre, Bex, Vera, Sara, Dianne, Katie (blog supporter), Furnell, me, and Sally.

If you recall in my last post, I had a mix of feelings about meeting everyone. I was nervous, excited, anxious, shy, and eager. When I think of Blog Meet-Ups, I think of the Blog Celebrities that have made so many friends via the blogsphere. I was nervous to meet everyone - thinking "Little ol' me doesn't belong in one of these things." But alas, the amazing blogging community once again amazed me. It didn't take long after I arrived to feel right at home - between talking about our blogging experience, to complaining about curriculum mapping, to sharing stories about our supportive spouses, I knew I was surrounded by caring, like-minded friends. At the end of our get-together, pictures were taken and hugs were exchanged. Promises of future meet-ups still ring in my memory.

My view heading home...
I've already exchanged contact info and emails with some of my New England bloggers and blog supporters (that means YOU Katie!). I'm so happy to, once again, be reminded of the amazing community I found just 2 years ago. Here's to a future of making friends in this support environment!

Update February 3:
How did I NOT show the loot I got?! Sheesh...

For the lovely Dianne at Hopelessly Devoted. Who doesn't need a little Bailey's in their life?

Adorable pail, treats, and FLAIR PEN! Thanks Vera from Tutu Teacher :)

More delightful goodies! Loving the gel pens :)

I'm a dunce - if my New England bloggers could ID the generous friend who provided these goodies, please let me know!

A BIG thank you to Deirdre from A Burst of First for organizing this whole thing! Thank you!!!

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