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Happy Throwback Thursday! Today's throwback is from March 25, 2013, and is all about using technology in the classroom! As with anything "tech-related" this post can seem a little dated - which is why I chose it!

How much have we changed in the techy classroom department? Check out the post and comment below to let me know your thoughts!

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend and first day back at work went well today (unless of course you are on Spring Break, in which case, I hope your first day of break went well...but I'm sure it did!). I'm counting the days until our half day on Friday as it gives me something to look forward to! We were supposed to have Friday off, but since our school district has had so many snow days this season, the district decided to attend school this Friday, instead of our new projected last day on Monday June 24. Oh well... at least it's a half day?

Think back to your days in the classroom. Do you visualize computers, laptops, tablets, and/or interactive SmartBoards? Of course not! Not that long ago, the terms "school" and "classroom" conjured up images of chalk boards (maaaaaybe a white board if you were lucky), dusty textbooks, and hand-cranked wall pencil sharpeners. But now, the integration of technology is seamless and adequate for our ever-changing technological society. It is now easier than ever to incorporate all types of technology into the classroom, with increased options and feasibility. As you will find out below, tech-teaching is the way of the future, and you will understand, if you don't already, why teachers love it!

I was recently contacted by a woman named Allison, via email, to view an Infographic she helped create on technology and its role in teaching. I was immediately drawn to the sincere and personal email I received from Allison. She mentioned a specific blog post I had written regarding my future goals of incorporating technology in the classoom, and seemed genuinely interested in my feedback on the graphic. After close review of the Infographic, I would love to share it with you!

What do we Know Infographic

I was surprised by the statistic of the number of classrooms with Smartboards, or similar interactive whiteboards. I am unfortunately in the 4 of 10 without this resource in my room. That is my number one resource on my wish list for the upcoming school year - although it is really out of my hands. 60% seems so high to me, but that is great! I'm so glad to see that percentage!

I was also pleasantly surprised at the statistic of tablets in the classroom. Did I read that correctly - over 1/3 of teachers reported having a tablet or ereader in their classroom! Again, my classroom is lacking this :(

It was no surprise to me to read that many teachers find the integration of technology in the classroom to be beneficial to their teaching and students' learning. It really inspired me to push for more technological resources in my classroom, and to think more creatively to allow more access to the technology I do have in the classroom.

If you are interested in reading the full article accompanying this Infographic, you can find it here.

I would love to know your thoughts about how you incorporate technology in the classroom. Any advice for a newbie tech-teacher? Do think a lot has changed in the 2 years this was first published? Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts!

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