Lunchtime Inspiration: How to Wrap a Wrap

I love me a good wrap. From the soft, pillowy bread to the delicious contents within, a wrap just makes my lunch. I don't, however, love when my wrap falls apart; read: when I make it. I could never understand what I was doing wrong. Why were mine just unwrapping, cracking apart, or the contents slipping out of the ends? I decided to test out a few different ways to wrap a wrap, and found the best way to keep the mess off your plate, and save it for your tummy.

1. Start by laying out your wrap. I heated mine up for about 10 seconds in the microwave to prevent breakage. Note: The next day at lunch I did not microwave the wrap first. It did, in fact, crack when I "wrapped" it. However, despite this, my wrap still remained entact 

2. Layer your veggies in the center of the wrap. This seems counterintuitive to me, as I'm wrapping from the edges, but trust me. If you are using a traditional wrap (in a traditional wrap size) you will have more than enough room on both sides of the wrap to reach each other.

3. Layer your protein. I made a tuna wrap for this demonstration so, after layering the veggies, I placed a dollop of tuna in the center of the veggies, and spread it out. Depending on how tightly you wrap your wrap, you may consider leaving more space than I did at the edge, to reduce spillage, but I haven't found this to be an issue.

4. Begin to "wrap". Start at one edge and fold over your contents. Using your wrapping hand, tuck the edge of the wrap with your fingers, under the contents. (See second photo below)

5. Complete wrap. Continue rolling the bread until the other edge rests on the middle of the wrap. Place the exposed edge face down to encourage it to stay in place. (Wraps like gentle encouragement)

6. Enjoy! With everything layered on each other in the center of the wrap, you get all of your contents together in one bite! No more eating a bite of plain lettuce, followed by a bite of straight chicken salad (or worse, mayo). 
Notice how clean the plate is. No spillage!

Hope this quick little How-To was helpful! I'd love to know what you pack for your lunches? Any other lunch tips for busy professionals? Comment below!

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