The Job-Hunting Teacher: What to Wear to Your Interview

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Today's Job-Hunting Teacher post is about what to wear to your teaching interview. When thinking about dressing for an interview, or for day-to-day attire for your job, this image always comes to mind:

Seeing as you are interviewing for a teaching job, I think it's safe to assume you should dress for the job you want. Except, more formally and conservatively. It's an interview after all.

Many job recruiters, education professionals, and principals suggest wearing what is called "Business Attire." Think business suit. While you may never considering wearing a pantsuit and heels on the job, you should consider something as conservative for your interview. Take a look at my picks below.
What to Wear: Interview

Blazers/Cardigans: If you can, opt for the blazer. That being said, you may be more comfortable in (or match better) a cardigan. I happen to think the green dress featured above looks best with a simple cardigan than with a structure blazer, considering the style and fabric of the dress. Choose what looks best, but make sure to choose one. It really pulls the look together.

Bottoms: Go with structured trousers or a pencil skirt. This is is not the time to try those chic drapey pants, or a flirty, flowy skirt. Both can look fabulous once you get the job, but for the interview, I advise you stick with a more professional and conservative look.

Tops: This is the area where you can have a bit more fun (within reason). Here is where you can add some more color or a simple design. You can also play around with fabric a bit more here as well, as in the image above. Go with a flowy, yet appropriate sleeveless blouse (just keep that blazer on), a comfy patterned cotton tee, a professional chiffon blouse in a bold color, or a traditional button down with fun elbow patches.

Shoes: Keep your shoes simple, and closed. I recommend wearing conservative heels in a neutral color. If you choose, you can wear a bit bolder color, while keeping the silhouette traditionally. Alternatively, if heels are not your thing, opt for simple, neutral, closed-toe flats.

Accessories: Keep you accessories simple but with personality. Wear a simple locket, pendant, or string of pearls necklace, small and chic stud earrings, and a beautiful metal watch. Do not wearing loud jewelry (literally and figuratively) that will distract from your interview, such as a set of metal bangles, or dangly earrings.

Makeup: Keep your makeup simple. (Are you sensing a theme yet?) If you wear eye shadow, use a natural eye look, like the Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow (which I LOVE and use everyday). Wear that simple yet pretty lip gloss I mentioned in a previous post. If you opt to wear nail polish, keep it sophisticated with a clean look. If you have chipped polish on, take it off before your interview. Bare nails are better than chipped polish.

Bag: Remember your structured, professional interview bag!

Smile: Duh.

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What do you wear to an interview? Any additional tips for interview attire I didn't include? Let me know!

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