Sheesh! It's December!!

I know, I know - I already posted in December. But that one was scheduled, and didn't really hit me that the year is coming to a close until yesterday when I wrote "December 2, 2013" on the whiteboard. But alas, whether I'm prepared or not, December is here. So I guess that means it's time to embrace the holiday season with a CURRENTLY!

Listening: For those who celebrate Christmas - who's NOT listening to Christmas music right now?!

Loving: Yes, I have my own countdown to freedom! I love that we have a nice "long" break, due to when Christmas fell this year! Huzzah!

Thinking: I know I'm not technically late, but I don't do the whole Black Friday shenanigans, nor am I big Cyber Monday person (I guess lack of money will do that to you). Once I transfer my moola to my Christmas account, it's off to the races!

Wanting: I'm <<OBSESSED>> with Tieks. Well, I don't actually have a pair, but I know I will love them. They look so comfy, I've read great reviews, and they are so deliciously cute!

Needing: You would think that someone living in New England would have a few good quality pairs of snow boots, but no. I have a pair from, oh...5 years ago. They have a hole in them and smell like sour cream (sorry, not sorry). I just can't seem to get my act together to buy myself a pair! Each year, I think I need to buy a pair in March, when they go on sale! and each year I forget, or buy myself a swim suit, or something that doesn't remind me of cold, dark sadness. Now, it's come to the time of the year, again, that boots will be full price, and I won't be able to justify spending money on myself, no matter how badly I need them. I'll try again next year I suppose...

Favorite Tradition: I LOVE my tradition of making Cappuccino Bon Bons for Christmas Eve at my husband's aunts house. My mom used to make these each year for Christmas and I LOVED them as a kid. As I began creating my own holiday traditions, this was always a staple. They are a huge hit at the Christmas Eve Party, but I make sure to make an entire extra batch for our house :)

Link up with the incomparable Farley with you December Currently!

Also, you may have seen today on my Instagram this little cutie-patootie...

My firsties math group is working on subtraction concepts. Our unit is coming to an end, and I wanted to do a fun craft this week to sum it up. I scoured Teachers Pay Teachers, with exactly what I had in mind, but to no avail. Instead, I realized, I could probably make my own Craftivity! I was a little intimidated, not because of my art skills (I think I'm quite crafty), but because I wasn't really sure how to do the whole "template thing." So on my prep today, I tried it out. Fifty-minutes later, this fella was born! Tomorrow my kiddos will be making Pete after we read Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. I have the templates scanned to my computer, ready to share with you all, but I realized - I don't know about the copyright laws behind Sir Pete! Does anyone have any clue if I'm allowed to share this craft (either for free or purchase)? I've seen them posted on Teachers Pay Teachers, but I'm not sure if they are "legal". Any insight would be fabulous - I must admit, I don't even know where to look for those rules! Please and Thank You!

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  1. I'm in love with Christmas music right now, too!

    Unfortunately, I know that Pete the Cat is one of the big copyright no-nos on TpT. People have gotten cease & desist orders for selling and even sharing for free :( It's too bad because that is SO cute! Whenever I have a copyright question, I go to the Seller's Forum and search at the top to see if it's already been written about. If not, I post and ask myself :) Someone usually knows!

    I feel the same way about my holiday shopping! December always seems to get here faster than the year before. Good luck getting it all done!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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