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This is saying goodbye to a very satisfying weekend! Much of the weekend was spent with moms (my mom's birthday was yesterday, and my soon-to-be-mom-in-law, or STBMIL, and I went a mall dash), wedding stuff, food, and fitness! I also began creating some new products for Teachers Pay Teachers (not yet completed) and finished my lesson plans for the week. All-in-all, a pretty great weekend! Here are some fab pics that pretty much sum up the weekend:

Our Save-The-Dates came! On Friday night we spent the evening addressing 150 envelopes and stuffing them with our Save the Dates (I will not abbreviate this...think about it). This pictures shows our Save the Dates, addressed envelopes, stamps, and my Excel spreadsheet with all of our guests names and addresses. Easy system!

Saturday morning, in between Zumba and Boxing, I had about 15 minutes, so decided to spend it on the bike. 4.5 miles in 15 minutes -- not too bad.

Saturday evening was so COLD, so the fiancé and I spent the evening cuddled up under blankets, watched movies and drank some hot cocoa. And yes, we have this cup for real, and yes this is our life...

Sunday morning was spent doing yoga with mom at her house. Mira (my baby sister), joined in on the fun with my favorite dog poses. Took advantage of my Downward Dog and cuddled during my Puppy Pose :)

Sunday, with the STBMIL, I picked up my free hemmed pants at Lululemon. If you know anything about me, you know my obsession with Lululemon, and this free hemming thing just deepens my passion and love. They are now the perfect length for my itty-bitty legs. Can't wait for my next yoga class (tomorrow).

And then tonight, Sunday, I made my weekly lunches. This week I made roasted veggies and chicken. When I went to the grocer today to get some veggies, I did a double-take when the grocer pointed to the Brussels sprouts. I usually buy these mini-cabbages, but never like this! I've never seen a "Brussels sprouts stalk" before! It semi-resembles a medieval torture device of some kind, but I was told it was just the way that Brussels sprouts grow, so I bought the stalk ($4.50) and just popped off the little bulbs. Worked like a charm, and I felt cool walking out of the market with this hanging out of my bag. Like I knew something others didn't... Yes, I'm amused by simple things.
My roasted veggies turned out lovely, and I can't wait to eat them for lunches this week :)

One more thing -- I just want to send a HUGE thank you to Megan at I Teach. What's Your Super Power? (and Diane at Teaching with Moxie for helping me find it!) for the wonderful resource called Blog Baby Blog! There are so many helpful tips for new bloggers and I can't wait to do/create each and every one! This post was spawned by my newly created Gadget Buttons for my Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers, Teacher's Notebook, and Twitter accounts. I had button before, but they weren't uniform, and frankly, were ugly... I LOVE my purple ones so much better! Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you Megan! Fabulous resource that all bloggers should check out! :)

My next step...make my own signature (which I was honestly, just about to create a post about, pleading for help!)

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  1. Hi Rae! Thanks for stopping by my new blog and following me! I am your newest follower! I got a kick out of your About Me info!! Made me smile! Congrats on your upcoming marriage! I couldn't agree more with you about Blog Baby Blog! I have learned so much from that post! My favs were getting rid of that thingy that makes you type in to make a comment and how to allow people to email you from blog comments. Sorry! I am not real technical yet! Still learning! :) I look forward to reading more about you and your teaching!


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