5 for Five and Giveaways!

Hi Y'all!

Time for 5 for Five, hosted by the lovely Jessica from Fantastically Average! If you aren't sure what this is about, see this post.
I haven't done a 5 for Five in a while, so I'm starting fresh this week.

This week's goals:
1. Book our fave photo booth for our wedding! This is a necessity, because I don't want to lose our date (June 21, 2013!). We love this photo booth company, and it would be a shame to not get to book them because I flaked out!
2. Complete my presentation for one of my classes! This presentation is not due until February 4th, but I would like to get it done this week, so I don't have to worry about it the week after when I am writing 2 IEPs.
3. Create a Virtual 5K on Blogger! One of my New Years Resolution is to sign up (and run) a race each month of the year....and I cannot find one for the last couple weeks of January! So I've decided to create my own! See my previous post on NYR for my other goals.
4. Finish my Valentine's Math and Literacy Pack for TpT! I'm sooooo close, but my computer is soooooo slow on Publisher. It is so excruciatingly slow, that I am {THIS} close to scrapping the whole thing (and I'm already like 30 pages in).
5. Exercise 4 times this week! I have reached my goal in my DietBet competition, but need to maintain it. Exercise is the way to do that (that, and eating healthy). Exercise is more measurable.

If you want to participate, link up with Jessica!

Also, check out these great giveaways:
Congrats to Mrs. Leeby!!!!

How totally generous and AWESOME! Thanks :)


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