Review: Castor Oil and It's Benefits

Several months back, a friend of mine raved about using castor oil to improve the length and strength of her lashes. I haven't been cursed with terrible stubby eyelashes, but I've also not been blessed with gorgeous voluminous ones either. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup, but when I don't wear mascara and/or curl my lashes, I end up looking tired and disheveled (although I'm sure this is more in my head than I think). I commented on how amazing her lashes looked and asked what mascara she uses (assuming this was the solution), and that's when she recommended I try castor oil. I put it on my "to get" list and made a mental note to give it a try.

Flash forward a few months, and after reviewing Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, I was contacted again to consider providing another review of any product of my choice. This was my chance! I suggested a post about castor oil for eyelash growth, and was sent a bottle of the oil to try for myself. And boy, am I glad I did.

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is derived from castor seeds, or ricinius communis, a tropical plant, and the liquid extracted is a pale, yellow oil used for many different things, including cosmetics, soaps, oils, textiles, and for medicinal purposes. (Remember your Grandma's castor oil remedies?)

Uses for Castor Oil

Castor oil is used for a variety of purposes. Many uses include those for skin issues, hair concerns, and other health considerations. For me, I specifically chose this product to test the effects on eyelash growth, as my friend had recommended.

According to Maple Holistics, "as a natural moisturizer, Castor Oil can help skin, hair and nails of men and women alike hydrate and just as importantly, retain moisture." It is rich in Vitamins A and C, and Maple Holistics' oil is cold-pressed with no additives to ensure the most effect castor oil available.


I decided to take several photos throughout a month of my use of this product. The results are below.


I was expecting longer lashes, but didn't anticipate the change would be in the fullness of my lashes. I'm not sure why I didn't consider this, as castor oil is used a lot for hair loss and/or thinning hair, but alas. While the length may look negligible in pictures, I noticed how much fuller my lashes looked. I also didn't feel as "naked" without mascara, and when I did wear mascara, I used few coats.


  • This oil is thick and, well, oily. I tend to have oily hair as it is, and A LOT of hair too, so I didn't try the castor oil for the purposes of hair growth or helping with hair thinning.
  • Apply with Q-tip or cleaned mascara wand - a pro-tip from my friend. I didn't experience this myself, but she told me if I don't use an instrument to apply it to the lashes and instead just slather it on, it will "get in your eyes and ruin your life." So I didn't take any chances.
  • Use before bed at night - because it's so thick and oily, I felt it best to use before bed, when I wouldn't be touching my eyes and wouldn't be wearing makeup. I'm not sure if this is the only way to do it, but it felt right for me. This was one of the last steps in my nightly routine (after washing face and putting in eye drops).

Overall, I think this was an awesome "experiment" and I plan to continue this as part of my routine. I feel more glamorous with these luscious lashes and am excited to try Castor Oil out in other ways. (hello moisturized skin and strong nails!)

Maple Holistics is a company that specializes in all-natural and cruelty-free personal care products. To check out my other review on their products, read my post titled Review: My New Fave Shampoo From Maple Holistics! To try this product, or one of their other great products, check out their page to get some free samples! You'll fall in love with them!

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What are some all-natural products you've added to your self-care routine? Leave a recommendation below!


  1. I love castor oil! I use it on my eyebrows! Thanks for sharing! xx Vee

  2. Castor Oil as we all know is unpleasant, tasteless oil but it has many skin and health benefits. This oil is basically a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of castor plant.

  3. The castor oil for stretch marks is currently one of the world most powerful treatment for stretch marks.for you to lighten red streaks and soften white streaks.

  4. The benefits of castor oil include it acting as a natural laxative, treating sore muscles, supporting the entire immune system


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