Review: My New Fave Shampoo from Maple Holistics!

So you all know about my love for essential oils. My fave and the one I use the most is tea tree oil. I use it for skin issues, with cleaning supplies, and for purifying the air.  But have you ever used it in your beauty routine? I have been using tea tree oil in my shampoo for years. I also am on the look out for different tea tree treatments to treat my oily scalp. 

Well guys... I found a new one! I was contacted by Lauren at Maple Holistics to review one of their many products- the tea tree oil shampoo. Maple Holistics is a company that specializes in all-natural and cruelty-free personal care products. I was so on board with this mission, so I jumped at the chance. They sent me a bottle of their Tea Tree Shampoo to try out and I started using it immediately. 

My hair after using the product for 3 weeks. Super shiny and clean!

My initial thoughts were, "omg this smells amazing." Generally, tea tree oil doesn't smell great in my opinion. Its pungent, but in a planty, astringent sort of way. This shampoo has hints of lavender and rosemary - two oils I absolutely love! It was this winning combination that made this shampoo smell so fresh.

Also, I loved how I didn't have to use a whole lot of the product to make my hair feel clean. I have a lot of hair - it's think, yet fine, and pretty long. Generally, I feel like I need more product than the average bear to cleanse my scalp. I used about a quarter-sized product the first time, and it felt great. I think I've used even less since then per wash, and it's always come out clean and ready for the day!

The packaging is super chic and looks pretty on my bathtub shelf. I love the purple label and pretty font. It looks boutique-y which I love. I feel very extra having this product as part of my routine.

Tea tree oil shampoo is great for those with unbalanced scalps (oily and/or dandruff prone hair) and with stimulating hair growth. I've also read it's used to slow hair loss! This shampoo is great for the entire family (my husband has started using it as well). I will definitely keep coming back to this shampoo.

To try this product, or one of their other great products, check out their page to get some free samples! You'll fall in love with them!

Be on the lookout for more Maple Holistics products - I can tell I'm going to be a loyal fan :)

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What's your favorite way to add essential oils into your day? Have you tried Maple Holistics? Leave a comment below!

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  1. What a beautiful picture of you and your honey! And your hair does look super shiny and soft. I've loved tee tree oil for a long time, but I agree, the smell can turn one off. So this sounds awesome. I might have to check into that company... ; )

  2. I love tea tree oil! That shampoo sounds interesting, with the lavendar oil I'm sure it smells great too!

  3. This shampoo sounds great. I've found with the all natural shampoos I've tried that they leave my hair feeling real waxy and funny. I'll have to check this one out.

  4. I recently discovered the benefits of tea tree oil - that stuff is amazing. Your hair looks awesome!


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