Quickie Post: TPT Sale 2017!

You read that right! It's that time of year again - the Cyber Monday TPT Sale! Now's the time to fill your cart and stock up on all your favorites you've been saving on your wishlist this year. You can save up to 25% off your favorite teachers' products. What a nice holiday treat!

Starting tomorrow through Tuesday at midnight, you can take advantage of this sale! All of my products are 20% off, and when you enter the code #TpTCyber17 you can save 25%! Want to save at my store? Check them out my best sellers and seasonal products below (Bundles included!)

Best Sellers

This is my #1 best seller and my favorite product! This guide is for middle and high schoolers to help develop, write, track and monitor their own SMART goals. This guide was created to help young people from all backgrounds and abilities to reach their goals. It outlines the goal setting process in an engaging, comprehensive way. It teaches young people the simplest way to achieve their goals.

This interactive guide is a series of hands-on worksheets that was created for students of all levels and abilities. This guide requires student participation. Each step of the process is interactive and teaches the learner the importance of the goal-setting process.

This 19-page product includes everything you need to implement a classroom clip chart behavior system in your classroom! This product includes the classroom starter kit, behavior data collection sheets, and rewards and consequence strategies. To learn more about how to utilize this resource in your classroom, check out this post.  If you're on the fence about behavior clip charts, check out my In Defense of the Clip Chart post.

This packet is for practice with using quotation marks and dialogue differentiation. I use it in my classroom during our drama unit to teach how to read a script, but this can be used for any lesson or unit in which you want to teach quotation make placement, use of dialogue, and for test prep of these concepts. Additionally, my students love to read graphic novels and comic strips, so this packet also includes how speech bubbles convey meaning in dialogue, and ways to use dialogue in different literature.

This 22-page packet includes practice activities for 6 punctuation concepts including: period, question mark, exclamation points, apostrophes, quotation marks, and commas. Each punctuation concept includes a corresponding poster, practice worksheets (writing punctuation, adding punctuation, and editing with punctuation), and blank worksheets to compose unique sentences using punctuation rules. Additionally, a punctuation table to help remember the different punctuation and their rules, is included for students to fill in as well.

Seasonal Goodies

This pack includes a mini-lesson on teaching students to generate New Year Resolutions, discussions on goal-setting, graphic organizers for students to compose their own New Years goals, and fun activities to use. This includes an introduction for using this pack, ideas for teaching the lessons, and a fun craft to complete and share.

This simple Craftivity can be used as a fun activity for your class during writing time. I’ve used this activity with my class during our 5 Senses Unit, as well as during the wintertime as a winter-themed craft. Tailor this Craftivity to your students’ needs. My students loved making these, and they make an adorable bulletin board or door display!

I use these puzzles in my classroom as a work station for my students who are focusing on number sense, counting, and sequencing. The image on the puzzle acts as a self-check guide for the number order, and vice versa.

This Common Core-aligned product consists of writing prompts for both December and January. The December packet consists of 33 holiday-inspired writing prompts. The January packet consists of 32 winter-themed writing prompts. If you do not celebrate the holidays and/or your school does not permit holiday teaching you can use this pack as a winter writing pack. There are enough non-denominational prompts to take you through both months of school. Additionally, there are two versions of each prompt- differentiated for your students’ needs.

This fun match up activity includes 10 matching synonyms pairs (a set of snowmen, and their corresponding hats), a student recording sheet, instructions for teacher prep, additional uses, and directions Use this product as a Literacy Center activity, independent work, game, and/or for fast finishers.

This activity includes 10 matching antonym pairs - a purple and blue mitten set, student recording sheet, instructions for use and teacher prep. Use this product as a Literacy Center activity, independent work, game, and/or for fast finishers.

This Common Core-aligned activity includes 27 match-up groups (q and qu are both included). Each "Match Up" includes an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and a picture that begins with that letter, for a total of 3 matches. These three matches build a snowman! Use this product as a Literacy Center activity, independent work, and/or for fast finishers.

My Daily Warm Ups are my other favorite product! These packets includes a Daily Warm Up worksheet for every school-day in December - and then some! This product was designed to simplify the morning routine. I use these worksheets for my morning work time - each day I provide my students with one Daily Warm Up to complete as part of the morning routine. These worksheets are repetitive, to enhance student independence, automaticity and routines. Additionally, these Common Core-aligned worksheets focus on Kindergarten and first grade skills respectively.These skills are so crucial to early mathematic competency and are the foundations of success for future strands, standards, and advanced mathematical concepts.

The January version of my Daily Warm Ups for both Kindergarten and first gradeSome students may not be at the mathematical level to do complete the standards-based portion of these warm ups with 100% independence. A suggestion I have for this situation, is to have students complete the Daily Calendar portion of the warm up independently, and focus on each standard in a whole or small group setting. 


My fave product in a BUNDLE! These are ALL my Kindergarten Daily Warm Ups for the entire school year. It is updated every year, so you always have a set for the upcoming year. Such a steal!

Another BUNDLE! This time - my First Grade Daily Warm Ups! Grab em while they are on sale!

Check out the rest of my bundled products here!

Want something else? Check out my TPT store for ALL the products on sale (hint: It's the entire store) and stock up on what you need now! Happy Cyber Monday and Tuesday :)

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